Kimberly DeWoody

Audit Partner, Whitley Penn LLP, Fort Worth, Texas
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Alongside her accounting career, DeWoody is actively involved in multiple community efforts. She currently serves on the board of the Parent Teacher Organization at her children’s school as well as the board development committee for Camp Fire First Texas, a youth development organization. She is an active member of the Junior League of Fort Worth, where she has served in various roles and community placements over the past eight years. Previously, she served on the board of directors of Camp Fire First Texas, Casa Manana and Women’s Energy Network of North Texas.

Getting technical

“Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed the technical side of accounting, and this gave me the ability early on to be highly involved in developing and teaching internal training programs on the oil and gas industry within Whitley Penn. Over the years, I have been a frequent presenter on technical accounting and auditing matters, and I have used those presentations to help train younger professionals on the intricacies of oil and gas accounting and the industry in general. I am proud that I can help others learn, grow and advance in their careers.”

Career milestone

“Making partner at Whitley Penn was definitely a career milestone that came sooner than planned. There were many years of hard work that went into making that goal a reality, but I have also been surrounded by the firm’s partners, my colleagues and my family that supported me throughout my career at Whitley Penn to make that milestone possible.”

Strong, quiet leadership

“Being trustworthy and honest [are necessary leadership qualities]. I’ve found that when you follow through on what you say you are going to do whether personally or professionally, you can build trust as a leader. I’ve always been a quiet leader, not one to generally speak out first, but I’ve always been willing to voice an honest opinion or answer, and that has also built trust and credibility with my colleagues and clients.”

Giving back

“I have had the unique opportunity to be a leader to many younger women at our firm on how to be a successful professional and mother. I have helped lead Whitley Penn’s women initiative E.N.G.A.G.E (Empowering a New Generation to Advance, Grow and Excel) for the past few years, where we have developed and executed various events focused on women.”

Impactful mentors

“I have been extremely blessed to have many influential and supportive people in my life, personally and professionally, including my parents, my husband, family members, friends and colleagues. I have received valuable direction and advice throughout my life and there are many things that come to mind, but I’ve always remembered to take one step at a time and do the next right thing. Every morning we remind our kids ‘to be a leader,’ and it’s good advice for us all, meaning, do the right thing because other people are always watching and following.”

Advice to young professionals

“Be willing to say ‘yes’ to new opportunities. I have experienced so much professional growth throughout my career in the times when I’ve been a part of a project (internal or client-based) that is not part of my normal day to day.

“Those experiences help stretch and shape you in ways that you generally don’t expect by providing opportunities to learn something new or exercise skills or abilities that you might not use on a daily basis in your regular job responsibilities. That is where growth happens.”

“I’ve always been a quiet leader, not one to generally speak out first, but I’ve always been willing to voice an honest opinion or answer.”