Jonathan Zachary (Zach) Kayem

Vice President, EnCap Flatrock Midstream, San Antonio

If there’s one thing that drives Zach Kayem’s passion for the oil and gas industry, it’s the people. He speaks enthusiastically about his professional colleagues.

“They’re some of the brightest and most talented people I’ve ever met,” he says. “They’re very resilient and understand how to overcome challenges.”

It seems Kayem has a lot in common with the industry professionals he admires. His ambitious nature and financial prowess have landed him a position with EnCap Flatrock Midstream (EFM). He supports the sourcing and management of EFM’s portfolio, as well as serving on the boards of multiple portfolio companies.

Career path: Kayem’s career began in investment banking. After graduating from college, he accepted a position as a financial analyst for SWS Group Inc. During his time with the company, Kayem learned lessons that would ultimately position him for future leadership.

“I saw the process and responsibilities that a management team and board members handle. I wondered when, in my career, I would both feel comfortable and be trusted enough to handle that responsibility.”

He was able to apply these skills in his roles on multiple EFM portfolio company boards, and currently serves on the boards of Stakeholder Midstream, Moda Midstream, Greenfield Midstream and Nuevo Midstream Dos.

A family affair: Like many industry leaders, Kayem comes from an oil and gas background. “I had always known about oil and gas and always wanted to be a part of it. The people in this industry are different than those in any other industry in which I’ve worked, or even heard about.”

Advice for young professionals: “Learn from all experiences, both good and bad. Some of the most difficult times in your career will help shape your character and goals, while the good times will help refuel you for overcoming future obstacles.”