Glenn Jacobson

Partner, Trilantic Capital Partners, New York and Austin, Texas

Whether he’s grilling the perfect steak or helping build the energy practice at Trilantic Capital Partners North America, Glenn Jacobson has a knack for getting things right.

On the professional front, he’s played an integral role in growing the energy practice from a group of two to a team of more than 10. It has offices in New York and Austin, Texas, and a dedicated energy fund complex called Trilantic Energy Partners.

Jacobson and his partner, Chris Manning, have deployed about $3.5 billion across the energy sector in more than 25 investments.

In 2015, when Jacobson was just 33, he celebrated another professional victory when he became a partner at the firm.

“Achieving this was a combination of luck and hard work,” he says. “I have always had a strong work ethic—this was instilled in me by my parents at a young age. I have also been fortunate to be surrounded by a group of partners who have supported my development as well as driven the success of Trilantic more broadly, which created the opportunity for me.”

On leadership: As Jacobson’s career progressed, so did his leadership responsibilities. He went from leading small deal teams to being an active voice within Trilantic management, and on its portfolio companies’ boards of directors.

“Along the way, I’ve tried to lead by example and by working collaboratively with those around me.”

Industry outlook: “There will likely come a day when oil is a less-important fuel given the rise of electric vehicles or other new technologies. You must prepare for the long-term change that will inevitably occur. This will not, however, occur immediately, and it is important to think about these changes in the context of your investment horizon.”

Advice for young professionals: “Stay patient—success can come overnight, but that is rare. Life is not a competition.”