George J. Wommack

CEO, Petro Waste Environmental LP, San Antonio
40 FortyUnder40 feat. George Wommack

George Wommack is the king of an oilfield waste empire.

Under his leadership, Petro Waste Environmental LP has become the largest oil and gas waste disposal company in the Permian Basin. It’s among the largest in Texas.

“Over the long term I might like to build a huge E&P company, but in the short term I think I’ll be content building the best platform in the industry to handle their waste.”

Before founding Petro Waste in 2014, Wommack played a key role in expanding a saltwater disposal business into the Eagle Ford Shale and New Mexico.

On leadership: Wommack is an energetic and visionary leader who encourages every member of his team to strive for perfection.

“Falling short of the goal of perfection is OK, so long as that is what we always aim to achieve,” he says. “I encourage our team by cultivating conviction in our ability to be successful in accomplishing lofty goals by fully committing ourselves to what we do.”

Like father, like son: Growing up, Wommack witnessed his father enjoy a remarkably successful career. His father founded Southwest Royalties Inc.—a large upstream company– and Basic Energy Services Inc., which he took public.

“Watching my father build numerous companies throughout my life has made him my mentor and helped instill in me the confidence to always think big and never fear failure.” Quotable: “Work hard and be sure you’re proud of what you’ve built.”

Advice for young professionals: “Don’t wait too late in life to strike out on your own. When you are young, you don’t have far to fall, and the odds are you’ll fall forward anyway.”