David Terry

Vice President, Engineering, Covey Park Energy, Dallas
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Founding member of Covey Park team, instrumental in gaining equity from Denham Capital. Steered acquisition, financing and integration efforts for approximately $1 billion of East Texas and North Louisiana assets. Coordinates with 15-plus bank syndicate to obtain more than $400 million of senior debt financing.

Career path: At Exco Resources, was lead engineer for $1.3 billion of acquisitions. Contributed expertise to Haynesville development from the get-go. Led team in improving production enhancement; later applied these experiences and skills at Covey Park.

Eyeing opportunity: Entered LSU as an Accounting/Finance major; switched gears to Petroleum Engineering in senior year. Recognized “the age gap in the industry and realized the potential was there to create a start-up, but I didn’t realize how quickly it would come.”

’Til it happens to you: “I didn’t realize why some of my mentors talked so vividly about previous downturns they’d experienced. You live and breathe prices until you reach a bottom, and that is an experience you won’t forget.”

Checklist: Short term, “I always want to continue to learn and develop new skill sets.” Down the road, “We’ve built a gas company I’m extremely proud of. At some point I’d like to build a similarly sized, oil-focused company and put the two together for Covey Park Oil & Gas.”

Curiouser and curiouser: Recommends asking “more questions than you think you should. The smartest people I know are the people that ask the best questions.”

Broad perspective: Respects a comprehensive world view. “There are days when I talk to both pumpers and billionaires. To be able to work in those two different worlds is very rewarding.”

Instilling confidence: Matt Ellard, his first boss, favored the motto “Block your man.” His trust in his team “allowed our group to grow a Cotton Valley field tenfold in four years.”

2016 30 Under 40 Featuring David Terry Audio.mp4