David T. Bateman

Chairman & Co-CEO, SitePro Inc., Lubbock, Texas
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When David Bateman was a student at Texas Tech University, he and a classmate would often fantasize about how they might someday change the world. Their conversations weren’t just pipe dreams. Bateman and that friend, Aaron Phillips, formed one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the energy space.

SitePro Inc. is at the forefront of the digital transformation of the upstream oil and gas sector. The SitePro solution safely and efficiently connects oil and gas producers with service providers to help optimize fluid management through automation software and workflow solutions. 

Since 2012, SitePro has automated more than 400 well sites, controlled and monitored more than 250 miles of pipeline and digitally tracked more than a billion barrels of oil. Under Bateman’s leadership, the company has grown tremendously. It has expanded from about 30 employees at the end of 2017 to more than 150 today. 

“It’s been an incredible journey, and we are just getting started,” Bateman says. 

“Our industry is going through a very aggressive and rapid digital transformation. With SitePro, we have the opportunity to build the technology solutions and services company of the future, assisting our customers and industry partners to create a more efficient and safer way to produce and manage energy.” 

A startup success: SitePro began in Bateman’s partner’s garage; the two friends spent years building it into an institutionalized corporation. Bateman shaped its board of directors, compiled a leadership team and established various internal departments. He admits that leading the transition from being a startup to a rapidly growing company was a struggle. 

“We met this challenge by living up to the opportunity that we were given, overcoming any obstacles that were preventing us from achieving our goals and, most importantly, by eliminating distractions,” Bateman says. “It’s very challenging and is something that continues to evolve as we move toward our common goals.” 

“We met this challenge by living up to the opportunity that we were given, overcoming any obstacles … and, most importantly, by eliminating distractions.” 

Growing pains: SitePro launched in 2012 and reached the market at the right time. The company grew like wildfire for the next few years, despite some of the difficulties that often accompany startups. When an industry downturn hit in late 2014, Bateman realized the company needed to become lean and efficient to survive. 

“We put our heads down, worked extremely hard, picked up a tailwind with the industry’s increased appetite for applying technology and came out on the other side stronger than ever with some new key relationships that would help us continue to grow.” 

A team effort: Of course, Bateman didn’t grow the company alone. As SitePro made its fast ascent, he built a team of hard-working, ambitious and motivated employees. Hiring the right professionals—and building the right relationships—have been critical components of his overall executive strategy. 

“One of the key ways I’ve exercised leadership is to constantly focus on building the best team possible,” he says. “Another key way is by listening and seeking advice from team members, mentors or coaches to find input for shaping the best pathway forward for our organization.” 

Outside the office: In addition to running SitePro, Bateman actively invests, focusing on energy, technology and real estate investments, as well as commercial transactions. He and his family also manage a portfolio of farmland, ranchland and mineral rights. 

Bateman is an avid outdoorsman and passionate conservationist. “We are actively involved in land conservation projects to help enhance wildlife habitat and water resources while balancing production and commercial use,” he says. 

And by the way, a business partner isn’t the only meaningful relationship Bateman formed while studying industrial engineering. 

“My junior year I met my wife, who has been an inspiration for me during the many challenges of entrepreneurship.”