David McClure

Vice President, Facilities and Midstream, Alta Mesa Services LP, Houston
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Currently serves as VP of Facilities and Midstream for corporate assets as well as general manager for midstream facility and operations in northwest U.S. As VP of Louisiana operations, led geoscientists, engineers, regulatory coordinators, landmen and operations personnel—grew Weeks Island Field from approximately 1000 bbl/d in 2010 to 6,000-plus in 2014.

Entrée to the industry: Began career at ExxonMobil as a facilities engineer, optimizing offshore platform production and expenses. Later took on role of subsea engineer at the company, where he was lead engineer in partnership with BP on Mica and Diana GoM subsea fields.

Balancing act: Emphasizes that during downturns, “having a management team in place that can balance the goal of growth along with the need for cash discipline” is paramount. “Markets change rapidly; therefore, so can your balance sheet.”

Down the line: “Leading an organization is certainly a longer term desire. My main goal is to keep everything in perspective; keep my priorities in line—faith, family and friends. Any career advancements or changes will be judged based on the impact of these priorities.”

Eyes and ears: Picked up invaluable lessons from his father, who “may not have known that I was watching him and taking note of his actions and advice;” keeps this in mind during interactions with own children.

Ask away: Never underestimates the value of a trusted outside opinion. “Seeking appropriate counsel and having that accountability check will help lead to something that is fulfilling in both the professional and personal careers.”

Head in the game: “To use a team sports analogy, the industry is one large team that must work together and win together.”

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