Dan K. Eberhart

CEO, Canary LLC, Houston
30 Under 40 Featuring Dan Eberhart

On entering the Bakken in 2008-09: “I really liked how you could buy a medium-size business and have a large market share in the Williston Basin. In Texas, it’s much more fragmented; it’s hard to get market share. And the Bakken—I figured that, if it worked, it would work in a very large way.”

On the oil export ban: Is active in efforts to repeal the ban. “I’ve been working with everyone—DEPA, IPAA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Canary is putting a lot of time into this. I think we have a unique voice because we are a service company pushing the issue. We’ve been active in explaining the geopolitical- security issues surrounding Iran, Russia, China.”

Thinks if the ban isn’t lifted by Dec. 31, it won’t be lifted before the November 2016 elections. “With the discussion on the Hill around Iran, along with low oil prices, I think the chances have improved. There is a hearing on oil exports once a week. Agriculture is looking at it. Banking is looking at it. The members of Congress are definitely aware of the issue and it’s getting talked about on the Hill.”

On business and law: Was always interested in business and also in the law and how people work through disagreements. “Today, I’m a businessman, but I definitely use my law degree quite often.”

Early experience working in a cold climate like the Bakken: In high school, worked at a convenience store in the freezer. “I would, literally, stand in the freezer on Friday and Saturday nights, putting beer on the shelves.”

The industry in 2045: “Fracking will be the standard worldwide.”

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