Bryan Gaudin

CEO, Holland Services, Fort Worth, Texas
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Bryan Gaudin’s call to lead Holland Services came under less than ideal circumstances. His father, company founder and then-CEO Robert Gaudin, had suffered a heart attack and needed his son to temporarily step up as he focused on recovering.

It was a daunting task, but one the younger Gaudin willingly took on.

“I was confident in my ability, but was still learning the intricacies of the land services business,” he recalls. “I quickly learned I had to rely on others, lean on delegation where appropriate, encourage teamwork and trust the strong framework my father had helped build.”

He succeeded his father, becoming the company’s CEO in 2017, when his father transitioned to chairman.

A natural leader: Since joining Holland Services in 2006, Gaudin steadily gained a thorough knowledge of the industry.

He helped lead the company’s aggressive and successful growth strategy by strengthening its project management, business development and systems management processes.

“We had the vision to grow Holland from a small, grassroots company into one of the nation’s largest land service firms.”

The growth came. Within five years, the company with less than 100 employees now has about 700 workers on payroll.

All in the family: Gaudin’s father founded Holland in 1985 and was an early role model for his son. He often worked tirelessly into the night.

“He has always demonstrated an immeasurable work ethic and an innate ability to relate to and endear himself to people from all walks of life. I continue to be in awe of my father.”

Advice for young professionals: “The industry is massive and your network is key. Strive to genuinely connect with peers through in-person communication, not just electronic.”

Quotable: “What you did yesterday doesn’t account for the services you need to provide today.”