Alexis Jhamb

Business Development and Planning Manager, Midcontinent Business Unit, Chevron Corp., Houston

Career path: She worked at management, strategy and negotiation consulting firms in the U.S. and Asia from 2003 to 2007, prior to attending business school. She joined Chevron as an LNG marketing and trading analyst, progressing to commercial analyst at Chevron Pipe Line, business development analyst for Venezuelan opportunities, and then decision analyst for Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico projects. She joined the Midcontinent Business Unit in 2012 in the commercial team, then was selected as business development and planning manager in 2016.

Mentor: “In my first few years at Chevron, I was fortunate enough to spend time with Bill Frank, now retired general manager of business development for Chevron’s North American E&P. I still remember his advice from our very first meeting—‘be present where you are present’—a reminder that the likelihood of quality outcomes in any setting improves with focus and clarity of purpose.”

Jhamb herself provides early-career mentoring—“stewarding the career development of the next generation of business leaders and negotiators is, simultaneously, my most important and most challenging work.” She strives to expand collaborative networks and internal capabilities.

Ripple effect: “The oil and gas sector is the place where policy, politics, resource and high-tech all meet—each day, an otherwise insignificant news item across the globe may impact our business in a meaningful way. The dynamic nature of the industry keeps me energized.”