Panther Energy Company LLC, Fivex LLC

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Panther Energy Company LLC, Tulsa, Okla., and Fivex LLC, New York, have retained Tristone Capital Inc. to sell their interests in oil and gas assets in Hughes, McIntosh and Pittsburg counties, Oklahoma. These Arkoma Basin properties produce primarily from the Hartshorne Coal, with additional production from shallow conventional reservoirs and deeper Woodford Shale. The Hartshorne Coal play is characterized by immediate gas production without de-watering delays. Assets include about 80% working interest in more than 70 wells (100% operated) on 46,141 gross acres (28,836 net). Current production is 4 million cubic feet per day. The data room is open. Bids are due mid-November and closing by late December. Contact Dane Isenhower, 713-651- 4227.