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Midcontinent; Stack Play
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Millennial Energy Partners (MEP) is offering for sale its oil and gas mineral and royalty interests located in the core Stack play in Blaine, Custer and Dewey counties, Okla.

The assets offer an attractive opportunity to acquire a concentrated position with exposure to multiple benches across the prolific Meramec and Woodford horizons. MEP has retained Detring Energy Advisors as its exclusive adviser relating to the transaction.

Asset Highlights

  • About 4,400 Net Royalty Acres
    • 100% minerals
    • High royalty interest leases (about 24% average royalty interest)
  • Concentrated, core minerals position with significant near-term growth
    • Prolific stacked-pay in the core of the Meramec and Woodford high-yield wet gas and volatile oil windows
    • Roughly 2.0-2.5 billion cubic feet equivalent per 1,000-ft EURs with 100%+ rate of returns driven by high-liquids content wet gas
    • Exposure to premier operators with substantial development budgets: about 70% of net royalty acres (NRA) operated by Continental Resources Inc., Devon Energy Corp. and Cimarex Energy Co.
    • Numerous high-density spacing tests across the position
    • Two rigs currently on minerals and 17 rigs within five miles of MEP minerals
  • 62 active horizontal producers, eight horizontal drilled but uncompleted wells (DUCs) and two horizontal permits on minerals with an average royalty interest of about 0.84% across all locations
    • Current Net Production: about 1 million cubic feet equivalent per day
    • Next 12-months Cash Flow: about $1.1 million (proved developed producing/DUC wells only)
  • Attractive Meramec and Woodford thickness across MEP’s position in the western Stack provides proven, over-pressured, multi-bench inventory
    • Operators currently testing Osage, Red Fork, Oswego, Atoka, Cleveland, Cottage Grove and Douglas horizontal potential across the position establishing tangible upside in the Anadarko Basin

Process Overview

  • Evaluation materials available via the Virtual Data Room on Feb. 4
  • Proposals due March 6

For information visit or contact Melinda Faust at or 713-595-1004.