Marketed: Terre Verte Mineral Acreage Across Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming

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The following information is provided by Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC. All inquiries on the following listings should be directed to Clearinghouse. Hart Energy is not a brokerage firm and does not endorse or facilitate any transactions.

Terre Verte Co. Inc. retained Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse LLC for the sale of Midcon and Rockies mineral acreage in Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming in four, separate online auctions.

The offer is comprised of non-producing mineral interests in Canadian and Dewey counties, Okla., plus interests within the Denver-Julesburg Basin in Weld County, Colo., and the Powder River Basin in Converse County, Wyo.


  • Canadian County, Okla.
    • 36 net mineral acres in SE4 of 23-11N-5W
  • Dewey County, Okla.
    • 33.33 net mineral acres in E2E2SW4, SE4NW4, S2SE4, W2NW4SW4, W2E2NW4SW4, E2E2NW4SW4 of 25-19N-20W
    • HBP, 3/16, Tapstone
  • Weld County, Colo.
    • 43.2 net mineral acres in S2 of 34-10N-64W
    • 43.2 net mineral acres in N2 of 4-9N-64W
  • Converse County, Wyo.
    • 125 net mineral acres in W2NE4, W2 of 21-32N-68W

Bids for each auction are due April 17. For information visit or contact Patrick DaPra, vice president of negotiated transactions for Clearinghouse, at or 832-60-7655.