Marketed: SNR Operating Kansas WI Operated Properties

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SNR Operating LLC retained RedOaks Energy Advisors as its exclusive advisor in connection with the sale of certain operated properties in Sumner and Cowley counties, Kansas. The properties include an operated working interest in 5,178 net acres producing approximately 109 bbl/d.

Key considerations:

  • Opportunity to acquire an operated Cherokee Platform position with shallow decline
  • 5,969 gross | 5,178 net acres (100% HBP)
  • 71 active producers | 17 active SWDs / water injection wells (avg. Lease WI: 97% NRI:79%)
  • Current net daily production: 109 Bopd (100% Oil)
  • NTM PDP net cash flow: $1.8 MM
  • PDP PV-10: $8.1 MM
  • Significant remaining upside inventory
    • Multiple behind-pipe and return-to-production projects
    • Infill development: numerous 40-acre Mississippian drilling locations

Bids are due at noon CDT on Feb. 28. Upon execution of a confidentiality agreement, RedOaks will provide access to the Virtual Data Room, which opens Jan. 27.

For more information visit or contact Will McDonald, vice president at RedOaks Energy Advisors, at or 214-727-4996.