Marketed: Robert L. Bayless Eight Well Package in Uintah County, Utah

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Uintah Basin
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Robert L. Bayless Producer LLC retained EnergyNet for the sale of its eight well package in Uintah County, Utah. The Lot# 114353 package includes a 6-month average net income of $71,256/ month.

Opportunity highlights:

  • Non-Operated Working Interest in 8 Wells:
    • Avg WI ~48.91% / Avg NRI ~39.19%
    • Operator: Finley Resources, Inc.
  • 6-Month Average Net Income: $71,256/Month
  • 6-Month Average 8/8ths Production: 126 BOPD and 146 MCFPD
  • 6-Month Average Net Production: 64 BOED (80% Oil)
  • 157.00 Net HBP Leasehold Acres

Bids are due Feb. 22 at 4 p.m. CST. For complete due diligence, please visit or email Reilly Bliton, managing director, at