Marketed: Louisiana ORRI, Beauregard And Calcasieu Parishes

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Louisiana Gulf Coast
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Pintail WI LLC retained EnergyNet for the sale of overriding royalty interest (ORRI) in Louisiana through an auction closing Sept. 26.

Pintail WI is an affiliate of Pintail Oil and Gas LLC. The offering includes ORRI in five wells located in Beauregard and Calcasieu parishes, La.


  • 4.019158% ORRI in the Producing Donald Barrow 20 #1-Alt and Steve Barrow 20 #2-Alt Wells:
    • Operator: Fontainebleau Operating LLC
  • 2.927244% ORRI in the Producing Musser-Davis 1, 2 and 3 Wells:
    • Operator: Kash Oil and Gas Inc.
  • Six-Month Average 8/8ths Production: 398 barrels per day of Oil
  • Four-Month Average Net Cash Flow: $23,684 per Month

Bids are due by 2:35 p.m. CDT Sept. 26. For complete due diligence information or email Lindsay Ballard, vice president of business development, at, or Denna Arias, director of transaction management, at