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Williston Basin
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The following information is provided by Eagle River Energy Advisors LLC. All inquiries on the following listings should be directed to Eagle River. Hart Energy is not a brokerage firm and does not endorse or facilitate any transactions.

Lincoln Energy Partners retained Eagle River Energy Advisors LLC to divest or solicit a joint venture partner for its operated working interest assets located in the Williston Basin of Dunn County, N.D.

Asset Highlights

  • Roughly 8,667 net acres (81.3% 8/8ths net revenue interest) across 11 operable drill-spacing units (DSUs)
    • Eight- to 1,280-acre / Three- to 2,560-acre DSUs
  • Opportunity to drill 115 horizontal wells (eight wells per section) in the Middle Bakken and Three Forks Formations
  • Attractive Bakken drilling economics in current commodity price environment with EURs of 730,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) with $6.8 million drilling and completions (D&C) yielding internal rate of returns of about 36%
    • About 21.2 million boe / $22.6 million PV-25 Proved Bakken reserves (73 wells)
  • Significant probable resources potential in the Three Forks Formation

Bids are due Feb. 21. For information visit or contact Austin McKee, managing director of Eagle River, at or 303-832-5128.