Kings Peak Energy LLC

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Green River Basin
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Kings Peak Energy LLC is selling Green River Basin producing properties located in Summit County, Utah, and Uinta County, Wyo.

Meagher Energy Advisors has been exclusively retained by Kings Peak, as debtor-in-possession in Chapter 11 case no. 17-16046 – EEB, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado, to solicit offers for its ownership in certain leasehold rights and wells in the greater Green River Basin.

Asset Highlights:

  • Shallow Decline Production & Consistent Cash Flow
    • 435 net bbl/d of oil and 370 net Mcf/d (July forecast) from 29 operated wells
    • 2018 average forecasted monthly net cash flow of $409,000
    • Production primarily from overpressured vertical Dakota wells
    • 2.41 million boe in PDP reserves with an additional 2.21 million boe in behind pipe and undeveloped cases
  • Upside
    • Immediate Frontier behind pipe opportunities as well as undeveloped Dakota locations
    • Additional upside in wells not perforated in Dakota “F” or “G” sands
    • Horizontal Frontier and/or Dakota development untested, but petrophysics & geology suggest similar, if not better, characteristics to the best Powder River Basin wells
    • The Mowry formation, prolific in the area, offers an additional resource to explore

Bids are due July 12. The sale is expected to have an effective date of April 1.

For information visit or contact Chris McCarthy, executive vice president for Meagher, at or 303-721-6354 ext. 224.