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NEW, Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Onshore LP has retained Meagher Oil & Gas Properties Inc. to seek a joint venture partner to participate in the development of the Kerr-McGee Mulligan Unit area in Utah. The package includes working interests in 15,382 acres in the northeastern part of the Natural Buttes Field complex of the Uintah Basin. Kerr-McGee will retain an overriding royalty interest in any new wells drilled within the unit area and the selected partner will be operator. The existing production, gathering system and Mulligan Unit operatorship will be retained by Kerr- McGee. Kerr-McGee has identified more than 380 proved undeveloped drilling locations with potential reserves of 500 billion cubic feet of gas on 40-acre spacing. An additional 380 locations are available for exploitation with 20-acre downspacing. For more information, contact Julia Foster, 303-721-6354 ext. 229.