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Greenfields Petroleum LLC has retained The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse to sell various upstream assets in western Kansas through a negotiated transaction.

The assets include non-operated 47.5% working interest (38.7% net revenue interest) on 15,000 gross acres in Graham, Gove and Lane counties, Kansas. Of that acreage, 2,920 acres are held by production. The assets include nine PUD locations, three unquantified wildcat opportunities and 71.5 square miles of three-dimensional seismic data.

Total gross oil production is around 150 barrels of oil per day, generating net cash flows of about $125,000 in October.

The bids are due Nov. 14, and the effective date for the transaction is Oct. 1. For additional information, contact Pat Dapra, manager of negotiated transactions at The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse, 832-601-7655.