Special Reports

Who's Who in E&P A&D 2015

The Who’s Who networking directory puts key A&D contacts’ email address, asset focus and deal interests right in front of you. Those listed are among the most respected deal makers as compiled by editors at A&D Watch and Oil and Gas Investor. The 2015 directory serves as a useful tool to quickly find A&D professionals. It contains the most up-to-date information available. Companies are listed alphabetically, and an index provides A-Z listings by name.

Opportune Special Report

This year Opportune LLP will mark its 10th anniversary by continuing to do exactly what it has always done: serve its oil and gas clients in the upstream, midstream, downstream and power sectors throughout the oil patch. With around 300 employees operating from six domestic offices and one in London, the Houston firm has grown steadily over its first decade and can readily meet its clients’ needs for professional energy services.

Here's the Money: Capital Formation 2015

Full of relevant information about oil and gas financing, this report provides a snapshot of the who, what and where of the investment community. Perspectives on today’s cost of capital come from private equity providers, capital market pros, commercial bankers, mezzanine providers and others. Our readers tell us they love this report because it gives a quick and concise overview. It’s a perfect reference guide for producers seeking money and financial firms seeking partners.

Here's the Money: Capital Formation 2014

Consider this special report as a playbook that guides you further into the capital provider lenders so you can evaluate the teams, the coaches and the terms that are right for you. We hope you see a way to win on a level playing field.

Capital Options 2014: Finding the right Fit

With many options available, from debt, equity, mezzanine to private investments, how do oil and gas, service and midstream companies make the right choice? Oil and Gas Investor will analyze and compare the different funding options, and explain which capital funding option is best for which need…and why. From private investments, reserve-backed funding, JVs, debt, equity, mezzanine, PIPEs and many other product.

Twenty Under 40 In A&D

These young professionals are in the vanguard of A&D deal making today.

Twenty under 40 in E&P Companies

Why would a young person want to go into the oil and gas industry today? Between Macondo and Keystone XL, the industry does not have a favorable public image. So why would Millennials, noted for their environmentally conscious mindsets and purpose-driven career strategies, want to work in an industry that, in the public view, stands for neither of those things?

One-on-One: Energy Companies to Watch

As one looks out to the balance of 2014, rarely has it been harder to keep up with the pace of events unfolding throughout the industry. Company strategies are being formulated and tested, and results are drawing scrutiny from the sometimes short-term judgments of the marketplace as well as the more measured views of long-term investors.

Twenty under 40 in Energy Finance

If the No. 1 prize for oil and gas finders is hydrocarbons, the second is money. Money makes the oil and gas world go ‘round. In our June issue, Oil and Gas Investor introduced readers to our first annual list of 20 Under 40 in E&P—a sampling of some of the most exciting younger professionals at work in oil and gas exploration and production today.

Canada: A Special Report from Oil and Gas Investor and Global Business Reports

While rich in natural resources, Canadian energy providers nonetheless face a headwind of challenges from market access, to infrastructure, politics, environment and capital constraints. But even in today’s bearish market, Canadian companies are adapting—even thriving—through a combination of astute portfolio management, shrewd divestments and timely acquisitions.

2014 Rocky Mountain Hall Of Fame

The Rockies’ vast potential could not have been maximized were it not for the intellectual capital—and the true grit—of the many leaders of oil and gas companies that drill here.

Private Equity

The role of private equity in funding the oil and gas industry has significantly expanded in the past 30 years. More fund companies are interested in energy than ever before, and the size of their energy-focused funds is now in the multi-billion-dollar range. This special report from Oil and Gas Investor details how start-up E&P and midstream companies obtain private equity, what private-equity providers look for in an investment, recent trends, and more. More than a dozen private-equity providers are profiled, from the large generalist funds to boutique and niche entities. Here, you’ll learn their histories, strategies, recent investments and the way they view the oil and gas industry.