Capital Options 2020

2020 Capital Options: Opportunities in a Challenged Landscape

Blame COVID-19, OPEC, Russia and the like, but the capital exodus began well before the global lockdowns tanked oil prices. The landscape for energy money is looking a lot like the financial desert that was the late 1980s.

But that doesn’t mean all is without hope. Wall Street’s cold shoulder will force public E&Ps to refocus plans, tighten up efficiencies and (hopefully) consolidate, ultimately resulting in stronger companies that can build value and not just barrels.

Energy Capital Markets Outlook: Where’s the Money?

Burned by a sector gone bad, energy capital providers are hyper risk-averse or just absent. Capital will flow back into the space when certain conditions are met, and those that are prepared will prosper.

How to Raise Energy Capital in Tough Times

Energy companies will continue to use preferred stock as an alternative financing source to fund their existing operations and future capex.

What the Oil Downturn Means for Capital Providers

While some private-equity investors have closed new funds, others are looking for ways to navigate market volatility.