Oil and Gas Investor Magazine

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - December 2018

Vision 2019: Oil And Gas Headwinds, Tailwinds

Pundits weigh in on whether the stars will align for a successful 2019 and how the oil and gas industry can navigate the headwinds and tailwinds ahead.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - November 2018

The Once And Future Permian

For years, the hinterlands of the Permian Basin have suffered, yet E&Ps in the Delaware and Midland basins are returning to the periphery of the play, and many of them have something to prove—or at least prove up.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - October 2018

Pivot In The Powder

As new formations are proved up in the Powder River Basin, and more rigs move into the basin, E&Ps are gearing up for a shift to “manufacturing mode.”

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - September 2018

The Eastern Eagle Ford

Eagle Ford operators east of the San Marcos Arch are getting analysts’ attention. One has seen its stock jump 117% this year. Another said of this side of the downturn, “Now is the fun time.” Here’s the outlook from these Eagle Ford pure players.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - August 2018

Permian Sand Demand

As operators in the Permian Basin push the envelope on lateral lengths and completion intensity, sand rises as both a star player and potential bottleneck.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - July 2018

E&P Processing Power

The oil and gas industry’s long flirtations with new technology—including hydraulic fracturing itself —have been romanticized, but E&Ps that lag behind in the coming digital wave of artificial intelligence may find heartbreak and ruin ahead.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - June 2018

Awakening To The Energy Opportunity

Even as much of Wall Street slumbers, there are niches in private and public financial sectors that are awake and eager to seize opportunities in energy.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - May 2018

Delaware Basin Water

Operators here are solving for frack water sourcing and transport as well as recycling and disposal of enormous amounts of surplus produced water.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - April 2018

Advantage: Marcellus

The Beast in the East will roar this year as the Marcellus reaches an inflection point. Bigger wells can fill the takeaway coming onstream.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - March 2018

Private Equity's Strategy: Adapting And Diversifying

Private-equity sponsors are seeing opportunities to invest in oil and gas, but exits are becoming increasingly complex.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - February 2018

Redefining The Haynesville

Tinkering with completions in the Haynesville Shale has led operators to better wells and expanded the economic sweet spots.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2018

San Juan Rising

Unconventional interest in oil and gas reservoirs begins to stir again in the San Juan Basin, the reigning world champion producer of coalbed methane gas.