Oil and Gas Investor Magazine

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - October 2019

Harold Hamm, Energy Whisperer

Harold Hamm has taken on many challenges, including lifting the oil export ban and proving the viability of the Bakken, but his latest may be his most daunting: explaining Trump.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - September 2019

The PE-Backed E&P, v.2019

Public E&P investors are insisting that operators produce returns, so private-equity-backed E&Ps wanting to sell to a public E&P are working to do the same. One said, “It all rolls downhill.”

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - August 2019

Building A Bigger Bakken

The Bakken’s operators are seemingly locked into a dwindling geography in North Dakota, but companies are increasingly returning to their wildcatter roots to see how far they can stretch the Williston Basin’s core.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - July 2019

Peak Oil Demand

The world is embarking on a low-carbon diet, but does this herald the end of the oil age? It’s complicated.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - June 2019

Energy Stocks And The Environment

U.S. asset managers have rushed to incorporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors in their funds. What does this portend for funding flow in energy, an area already striving to deliver a returns-based strategy to investors?

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - May 2019

Hello, Haynesville

The shale play that wouldn’t quit is back in the ring—and winning.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - April 2019

Colorado Oil And Gas: Battleground State

The Colorado oil and gas industry is on the state’s endangered list, fighting a running battle with activists intent on stopping fracking. Now the industry faces renewed legislative challenges.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - March 2019

Appalachian Buyers Buildup

Acquisitive E&Ps backed by powerful private equity seek more production, and more profits.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - February 2019

The Year In Energy

For the most part, 2018 was a good year for producers. Here, Oil and Gas Investor chronicles the highlights of the year in energy.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2019

Oil And Gas Investor Ranks Top 50 E&Ps

From the biggest operators with multinational portfolios to basin-specific smaller producers with motivation to grow. Investor showcases the 50 most-valued U.S. independents.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - December 2018

Vision 2019: Oil And Gas Headwinds, Tailwinds

Pundits weigh in on whether the stars will align for a successful 2019 and how the oil and gas industry can navigate the headwinds and tailwinds ahead.

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - November 2018

The Once And Future Permian

For years, the hinterlands of the Permian Basin have suffered, yet E&Ps in the Delaware and Midland basins are returning to the periphery of the play, and many of them have something to prove—or at least prove up.