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Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - February 2022

‘In the Money’ in Oklahoma

Continental Shift

Where’s the Money?

Is ERCOT Still Broken?

Improving the Bottom Line through Tech Innovations

A Case for Diversity in Energy

2022 TRENDS:
Impacting Oil and Gas

Cover Story

‘In the Money’ in Oklahoma

Margins are strong in the multistream SCOOP, STACK and Merge where operators are dialing up the hydrocarbon weighting they want from any given rig. Yet, any stream—oil, gas, NGL—will make the numbers these days.


Continental Resources Executive Q&A: Continental Shift

CEO Bill Berry said he was gratified Continental’s 2021 deals caught most observers off guard since he sees a close-to-the-vest approach as a key to successful M&A.

Energy Policy: Triple Threat

The three biggest factors negatively impacting the oil and gas industry today are regulatory, investment capital and inflationary uncertainties.

Fatal Flaws: Is ERCOT Still Broken?

In February 2021, Winter Storm Uri caused an immense power generation outage in Texas, leaving more than 4.5 million homes without electricity. Has the Electric Reliability Council of Texas learned its lesson? 

Oil and Gas A&D Partnerships: The Pickup Artists

Mach Resources and financial backer Bayou City Energy announced acquisitions 10 and 11 as they continue to roll up assets down and out in the Midcontinent.

One Year Later: Q&A with Texas Railroad Commissioner Jim Wright about Winter Storm Uri

Texas Railroad Commissioner Jim Wright discusses some of the more sensitive issues in connection with the Winter Storm Uri disaster.

Top E&P Technologies: Improving the Bottom Line through Innovations

Technology trends are helping oil and gas operators save on costs and generate more production. 

A&D Trends

Oil and Gas Investor A&D Trends: M&A is the Bomb

Most analysts expect another year of high-intensity firepower from upstream oil and gas deals, largely directed at the Permian Basin, as well as the Marcellus and Haynesville shales.

At Closing

Oil and Gas Investor Op-ed: The Energy Transfer Ad

Energy Transfer ran an ad during a football game. Tweeters, redditors and others chimed in their opinions.

From the Editor-in-Chief

Op-ed: A Stark Warning on Energy Affordability

Could what happened in Kazakhstan happen in the west? When it comes to the contentious nature of the energy transition, nothing seems to be impossible to believe.