Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2022 Cover Art

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2022

In this issue:

The Great Price Hike

Denbury’s Road From EOR To CCUS

ESG and Supply Chain Complexities

Oil and Gas Startups Standout

Held For Ransom

Fewer Projects, More Cash

2021 Top Performers Awards

Cover Story

Oil and Gas Investor 2022 Outlook: The Great Price Hike

Oilfield service companies are beginning to increase prices, but E&Ps are in no mood to spend.


Energy Cybersecurity: Held for Ransom

Energy companies, starved of resources from downturns, are increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks, introducing complications to transactions.

Executive Q&A: Denbury’s Road from EOR to CCUS

Denbury Inc.’s President and CEO, Chris Kendall, is proud of his company’s history with EOR. Now, he knows that commitment has put the company in a leadership position when it comes to carbon capture and sequestration.

Midstream Outlook: More Cash, Fewer Projects

Ajay Bakshani, co-author of East Daley’s annual Dirty Little Secrets midstream outlook, discusses the expectations for $90 billion in free cash flow and why ‘midstream can really do it all in the next few years.’

New Privates: Oil and Gas Startups Stand Out

New private oil and gas companies establish their footprints to showcase innovative ways of doing business during a difficult time.

A&D Trends

Oil and Gas Investor A&D Trends: Will Market Smile on Colgate?

Colgate Energy has played the long game in acquisitions, with roughly $1 billion in announced deals in the past four years. Could an IPO be in its future?

At Closing

Oil and Gas Investor Op-ed: $375 a Barrel

Net-zero emissions by 2050. Is it possible? Oil and Gas Investor Editor-at-Large Nissa Darbonne explores what it will take and what that could mean for the industry.

From the Editor-in-Chief

Op-ed: Greedy Gas Producers? Nah

Sorry, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, but your letter to 12 natural gas CEOs accusing them of “corporate greed” doesn’t seem to have much merit.