Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - November 2021 Cover Image

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - November 2021

In this issue:

Permian Privates Playbook

E&Ps Staying Relevant

Family Funded

Talos’ Carbon Capture Venture

Return of the Upside

The Guardians of Orphaned Wells

The Roles of Fracking and EOR

ESG Fact and Follies

Cover Story

Permian Privates Playbook

While public operators are on a growth diet, private operators are taking advantage of higher oil and gas prices—and nowhere more so than in the Permian Basin.


A&D Roundtable: Return of the Upside for E&P Companies

The post-pandemic A&D landscape was a feeding frenzy marked by a resurgence in cash, confidence and caution as a surprising number of entrants entered the fray.

Energy Policy: A Forewarning from Europe

A global energy crisis looms as commodity prices spike around the world, and governments and other institutions scramble to try to minimize the damage.

Energy Transition Part IV: The Role of Fracking and EOR

How hydraulic fracturing and the case for driving carbon capture utilization and sequestration forward on the basis of EOR can help achieve a feasible energy transition.

In Memoriam: Thank You, Steve Toon

Oil and Gas Investor pays tribute to late editor-in-chief Steve Toon, who suddenly passed away in October.

Oil and Gas Private Capital: Family Funded

As traditional public and private sources of capital step back, family offices are stepping in to fund selective oil and gas deals. The question is, what attracts them and can they fill the gap?

Oil and Gas Sustainability Strategies: ESG Fact and Follies

As the hydrocarbon industries face intensifying pressure from stakeholders to emit less, nine oil and gas leaders share their viewpoints on how the industry should deal with expectations versus reality and why that might cut across the grain.

The Guardians of Orphaned Wells

Industry executives, environmental leaders and elected officials are among those working to plug millions of wells left abandoned throughout the country.

A&D Trends

Oil and Gas Investor A&D Trends: Reality and the Damage Done

Volatility in prices has some “arguing in favor of accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels” and those who still see fossil fuels are needed.

At Closing

No Small Spill: Small-caps Versus Big Oil

Oil and Gas Investor Executive Editor-at-large Leslie Haines explores how the recent small oil spill offshore California raises huge concerns.