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Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - September 2021

In this issue:

The Future of the Independent

The Unmasked Oilman

To the Rescue

Blue Hydrogen

Riley Permian’s Go-public Play

Observations from Industry Thought Leaders 

Oil and Gas Investor’s 40th Anniversy

Applying a Clearer Lens

Flowing through Bankruptcy

Cover Story

The Future of the Independent E&P

The E&Ps have endured since day one. Where do recent signposts lead them next? If a barrel or Mcf is needed, an indie will supply it.


E&P Business Strategies: Riley Permian’s Go-public Play

Northwest Shelf operator Riley Permian attained an IPO through a rare reverse merger without much fanfare.

Energy Policy: Limitations of Government

Major changes to public policies enshrined in legislation must make their way through a labyrinth of checks and balances, which might work in the oil and gas industry’s favor.

Energy Transition Part II: Applying a Clearer Lens

While the oil and gas industry and the environmental community don’t see eye-to-eye, the first step toward seeing the energy transition would be for all to agree that the climate advocacy battle has been largely won.

Executive Q&A: The Unmasked Oilman

The industry is on a new—and better—path, the wildcatter says. “It’s honestly probably an easier route than the treadmill that we were on.” Here’s the 2021 update and a look at his new shale gas E&P.

Midstream Contracts: Flowing through Bankruptcy

With careful structuring and drafting of agreements, midstream companies can increase their chances in surviving bankruptcy.

Natural Gas Spotlight: The Blue Hydrogen Advantage

Made from natural gas, the superior Btu fuel remains most practical and efficient for its current uses rather than in transportation. For example, the boiling point is colder than Jupiter, it doesn’t like hard steel and it needs a nearly entirely new infrastructure.

Oil and Gas Investor 40th Anniversary: Observations from Industry Thought Leaders

When Oil and Gas Investor launched 40 years ago during the summer of 1981, it was the first industry publication to focus on the financial aspect of exploring for hydrocarbons versus the technical side. To celebrate those four decades of conversations we’ve had with myriad industry executives, we reached out to a number of them for their thoughts on the industry’s past, present and future. 

Oil and Gas RBL Alternatives to the Rescue

After long-standing bank reserve-based lending began to retrench in 2020, alternative capital providers look poised to step up, or even take over, the funding need for oil and gas producers.

A&D Trends

Oil and Gas Investor A&D Trends: The Delta

Bad COVID numbers likely mean bad economic numbers, and the A&D market is clearly jittery over the Delta variant.

At Closing

Who is the Ideal Independent?

What do the next 40 years look like in the oil and gas industry? What should they look like? Oil and Gas Investor Executive Editor-at-large Leslie Haines explores these topics and more in her monthly At Closing column.

From the Editor-in-Chief

From Oil and Gas Investor Editor-in-Chief: Visions of the Future

When Oil and Gas Investor launched in 1981, no one could have foretold the story that unfolded over the next 40 years, nor foresaw the landscape that exists today. And oil and gas strategies in 2050 will be markedly different than now.