Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - July 2021

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - July 2021

In this issue:

Midland Basin’s Major Mojo

Doubling Down On The Bakken

The Fracker’s Guide To The Green Galaxy

A&D In The Age of Realism

Until The Last Drop

Private Eye

Water Management

Bloody, But Unbowed

Cover Story

Oil and Gas Investor Cover Story: Midland Basin’s Major Mojo

Consolidation, lower costs and better wells plus PUDs have regained value—all indicators point to the Midland Basin as the epicenter of renewed oil and gas activity.


Oil and Gas Investor Energy Policy: Understanding the Power of Momentum

Following a major wave of activist shareholder actions to push oil and gas companies—including Exxon Mobil and Chevron—to address climate change issues, Cornerstone’s Jack Belcher explores whether more permanent changes will emerge in any energy or climate legislation.

Oil and Gas Investor Enerplus CEO Q&A: Doubling Down on the Bakken

The original Canadian royalty trust and one of the first E&Ps to explore the Bakken Shale, Enerplus Corp. remained under the radar for many years—until now. The conservative Calgary producer re-emerges with two fast deals and a basket of new top-tier inventory.

Oil and Gas Investor Profile: ChampionX—Until the Last Drop

Meet ChampionX president and CEO Soma Somasundaram, the man with a bold vision, who is on track to build a durable franchise well-positioned to survive until the last drop of oil is pumped.

Oil and Gas Investor: A&D in the Age of Realism

Some private equity players are in the late innings of transacting for assets, calling into question the future of how they will be funded.

Oil and Gas Investor: Midstream’s Survival—Bloody, but Unbowed

Shell-shocked E&Ps posed challenges for midstream companies during the pandemic, but strategies based on renegotiating contracts, positioning for advantage in upcoming bankruptcies and broadening product offerings have shown that the sector has plenty of fight.

Oil and Gas Investor: The Fracker’s Guide to the Green Galaxy

The energy future needs landmen, geologists, engineers, places to store CO₂, money and business leaders who understand how to monetize the value chain. It needs oil and gas people. Here’s the playbook and a description of the prize.

Oil and Gas Investor: The Role of Tech and Service in Energy Transition

The oil and gas industry is being pressured in multiple ways to reduce emissions and redouble energy transition efforts but the technology and services sector is already making progress. Here’s how.

Oil and Gas Investor: Water Management Special Section

For an industry less than a decade into its development, water management has emerged as a crucial component of upstream oil and gas development.

Oil and Gas Investor’s Top 100 Private E&Ps: Private Eye

Enverus analyzed production history, pricing, velocity and rig count activity to better understand the role and influence private E&P operators are playing in the oil patch and the expected outcomes in the near future. 

A&D Trends

Oil and Gas Investor A&D Trends: Automatic Earth

After months of buying and selling chaos, oil and gas A&D finally went full-on Adderall as it barreled into the official start of summer.

At Closing

Oil and Gas Investor At Closing: New Year’s Eve, 2050

The ramifications of a different energy future are up in the air, and it’s up to all of the oil and gas industry to start figuring out what to do now.

From the Editor-in-Chief

From Oil and Gas Investor Editor-in-Chief: Leading the Energy Transition

The industry must accept that the move to an energy transition in some form is inevitable. The question remains: Will oil and gas step up to lead the charge?