Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - June 2021

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - June 2021

In this issue:

Appalachian Basin Set in Stone

Washington Watcher

Show Me the Dividend

Powder River Basin Promise

An Uplifting Choice

Lender Liability Beware

Cover Story

Oil and Gas Investor Cover Story: Appalachian Basin Set in Stone

Antero Resources Corp. says its days of growth are over, while other operators are still working to capitalize on growth after the pandemic slump.


Oil and Gas Investor Energy Policy: Science and Reality

Let’s hope policy aligns ambitious energy and climate goals with science and the realities of the energy complex.

Oil and Gas Investor Executive Q&A: Washington Watcher

Merely months into the Biden administration, energy policy is front and center with oil and gas on the defense. American Exploration & Production Council CEO Anne Bradbury is engaged with the policymakers rewriting the energy script and offers this primer of what’s ahead for the rest of 2021.

Oil and Gas Investor Play-by-play: Powder River Basin Promise

The stacked pay basin has tantalized oil and gas producers as technical advances started to tame high variability, costs and frustrations.

Oil and Gas Investor: Artificial Lift—An Uplifting Choice

The U.S. land artificial lift market continues to be one of the most dynamic segments as oil and gas operators strive to maximize production while optimizing lifting cost.

Oil and Gas Investor: Energy Lender Liability Beware

Energy lenders must keep borrowers at arm’s length while they face COVID-19 challenges or risk lender liability.

Oil and Gas Investor: Show Me the Dividend

What is the preferred way to reward oil and gas investors after achieving free cash flow? Dividends are becoming all the rage.

A&D Trends

Oil and Gas Investor A&D Trends: Street Fighter

The hacking of the Colonial Pipeline and its subsequent shutdown in May unleashed one of the worst spills of schadenfreude in modern history.

At Closing

Oil and Gas Investor At Closing: Love Those Proceeds

It’s investment time for E&Ps. The boom is on, but it is not a boom in drilling rigs or crazy investments.

From the Editor-in-Chief

From Oil and Gas Investor Editor-in-Chief: Golden Age of A&D

The hiatus is over. After two years of deal drought, the A&D machine of the upstream oil and gas business is coughing back to life and gaining traction.