Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - May 2021

Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - May 2021

In this issue:

Misaligned Incentives

Northern Marches South

Cheaper Money

The Gas Export Play

Cloud-based Analytics Key Players

Remembering Lowell Georgia

Cover Story

Oil and Gas Investor Cover Story: Misaligned Incentives

E&P executives find themselves under fire for pocketing large bonus payouts in recent years while shareholder equity values tanked, but blame it on a broken incentive model. Now, the rules are being rewritten for how executives are rewarded.


Oil and Gas Investor Energy Policy: An Interesting Confluence of Events

During the next few months, we can anticipate many more energy-related bills and hearings in Congress and major administrative actions taking place as well.

Oil and Gas Investor Executive Q&A: Northern Marches South

With a stronghold in the Williston Basin, Northern Oil and Gas Inc. has recently added a large swath of Marcellus acreage from Reliance Industries and made a long-calculated move into the riches of the Permian Basin.

Oil and Gas Investor Haynesville Spotlight: The Gas Export Play

The resilient Haynesville Shale: More rigs, more takeaway capacity. 

Oil and Gas Investor I-Banking Trends: Cheaper Money

Debt capital is on sale, and public equity markets aren’t closed to oil and gas operators either. Some just don’t have any use right now for the cash—that is, a use that investors would support.

A&D Trends

Oil and Gas Investor A&D Trends: A ‘Whydunnit’

Pioneer Natural Resources Co. agreed to buy DoublePoint Energy LLC for $6.4 billion, leaving investors in need of an explanation.

At Closing

Oil and Gas Investor At Closing: A Taxing Spring

The oil and gas industry should expect a taxing spring.

From the Editor-in-Chief

From Oil and Gas Investor Editor-in-Chief: The Bear Case Privates

As public E&Ps promise capital discipline and slow or no growth through 2021, an unexpected and potentially price-busting trend is developing behind the scenes. Could private oil and gas producers ruin it for everyone?