Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - June 2018

Cover Story

Awakening To The Energy Opportunity

Even as much of Wall Street slumbers, there are niches in private and public financial sectors that are awake and eager to seize opportunities in energy.


Can E&Ps Resist Earth’s Pull On Capex?

As West Texas Intermediate prices creep toward $70 per barrel, some companies may be tempted to abandon capital discipline for crude plunder. But E&Ps are already showing restraint, while Permian players face a midstream bottleneck.

Eclipse Resources: Storming Utica's Castle

Eclipse Resources looks for new Utica returns in Pennsylvania's Tioga County within an area CEO Ben Hulburt calls Flat Castle.

Natural Gas And Renewables

Technology and efficiency are making natural gas a “destination fuel.”

Pacific Rim Capital Call

After being crushed by the oil and gas price downturns, some Asian investors are gradually returning to the U.S., but only after locking down control in the assets.

Productivity Analytics

These E&P analysts use big data to see which operators have the best well productivity, and which plays see productivity leveling off.

The Master Behind Magnolia

Former Occidental Petroleum Corp. CEO Steve Chazen wasted no time planting his flag in the Eagle Ford Shale via newly public Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp. The question remains, can he catch lightning in a bottle again?

The Rockies: Re-Emerging As A Real Contender

Stratas expects capital outlays for unconventional oil in the Rockies to top $12 billion in 2018 as the industry’s views of the Bakken, Wattenberg and Powder River Basin change.

Why California Oil Production Needs To Ramp Up

The perception is that regulatory hurdles make California a difficult place for producers to thrive, but good opportunities are often overlooked.

A&D Trends

Periodic Motion

The Foucault Pendulum at Houston’s Museum of Natural Science swings across a craterlike, star-shaped floor, dutifully knocking down a circle of pins that surrounds it.

At Closing

The Permian Blowout

Forget about squinting into those computer screens for hours on end, and forget all the time and money you spent getting a master’s degree in geology or petroleum engineering.

Bright Spots

Bright Spot: Meet CrownQuest’s Jeffrey T. Beard

Jeffrey T. Beard, land manager of CrownQuest, spoke with Oil and Gas Investor about the Permian operator’s drilling plans as well as how he got his start in oil and gas.

E&P Momentum

Austin Chalk Interest Spreads To Louisiana

Though low oil prices, corporate re-organizations and technical challenges saw the play fade in recent years, Austin Chalk 3.0 is now on the horizon.

From the Editor-in-Chief

Anxious Giddiness At $70

For Pete’s sake, oil’s at $70. Finally. This is extraordinary news, right?

On the Money

Teetering At A Turning Point?

Those who read this column last month may recall a hope that recent bottom-of-the-barrel sentiment for the energy sector reflected conditions that were “darkest before the dawn.”