Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - January 2018

Cover Story

San Juan Rising

Unconventional interest in oil and gas reservoirs begins to stir again in the San Juan Basin, the reigning world champion producer of coalbed methane gas.


CPPIB: Canada’s PE Heavyweight

Leading with the Denver-Julesburg Basin in early 2016, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is looking to make additional investments in energy assets. And its hold time is long.

GoM Outlook: Looking For Deepwater Pay

Efficiency is the watchword in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, with operators reducing breakeven costs by up to half.

Insights From Stratas Advisors: Haynesville, Round 2!

Haynesville production is expected to rise to 7.5 billion cubic feet equivalent per day (Bcfe/d) by year-end 2018, an increase of 4% from the 7.2 Bcfe/d reported for September 2017.

Managing ESG Risk

Big data and artificial intelligence are helping oil and gas executives optimize environmental, social and governance performance.

Mexico's Midstream

Mexico’s domestic midstream sector strains to reorganize and serve an evolving economy as border connections with its northern neighbor increase.

New Life For LINN

Linn Energy Inc. has been an exception in transitioning from MLP to organic growth enterprise.

Oil, Gas Outlook Survey: Industry Ready To Engage In 2018

Operating under the new normal, Grant Thornton LLP’s survey shows oil and gas companies are cautiously advancing capex and seeking more A&D.

PDP Buyers

Privately held PDP acquirers are active again and in both conventional and unconventional resources.

Return To Conventional Oil And Gas

A new organization is advocating the development of America’s conventional oil and gas resources to ensure the country's “hydrocarbon dominance.”

A&D Trends

Permian Dissolve

Breitburn Energy Partner LP’s lost weekend of a bankruptcy—now in its 18th month—has generated A&D murmurs, not for the deal it made, but the potential transaction it let slip away.

At Closing

As 2018 Begins

If the price of oil stays above $50, that’s going to be icing on the cake.

Bright Spots

Bright Spot: Meet Kyle Ramachandran

Kyle Ramachandran joined Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure Inc. in 2014 at its inception and quickly became a key player in the growth of the company.

E&P Momentum

US Shale: Going Long On Laterals

Longer laterals promise efficiencies that will keep the U.S. shale industry competitive in an extended lower-for-longer commodity price environment.

From the Editor-in-Chief

The Big Non-Event

So, what would your life be like today if OPEC had not extended the production cuts in late November “as expected?”

On the Money

Finding The Right Formula

We would all like to know how to run an E&P to its optimum advantage, including stock price.