Oil and Gas Investor Magazine - June 2017

Cover Story

Got Minerals?

Oil and gas mineral interests are in the spotlight—and institutions and private equity teams seeking passive income have noticed.


A&D Outlook: The Big Truck Without Brakes

The remarkable “Delaware Spring” is on repeat thanks to stable commodity prices, technological advancements and a reasonable bid-ask spread.

CEO Outlook: Positioning For Growth

Three industry leaders are ready to make strategic investments, but cautious about where they will go.

Conventional Strategies: Rediscovering Michigan

Core Energy has found the way to more oil in the northern state via EOR and exploration in the Niagaran reefs.

Executive Q&A: Concho's Permian Machine

Concho Resources’ steady-as-she-goes mantra, combined with its oversized pure-play portfolio, sets it apart as a Permian powerhouse.

Insights From Stratas Advisors: Deepwater Exploration Perseveres

As oil prices pick back up, deep and ultradeepwater drilling will continue to dominate in the GoM over the next five years.

Management Strategy: The Startup Road

Two launches illustrate the different ways entrepreneurs are putting money to work in today’s oil and gas market.

Midcontinent E&P: Stacked And Merged

The central Anadarko Basin Scoop/Stack bonanza is far from locked and done if you know where to look next, according to these three operators.

Shale Plays: Next Steps In The Permian

Operators are thrilled with prospects and results in the Permian, executing SPACs and tackling stacked pay to get the most out of the biggest, best basin.

A&D Trends

A&D Trends: The Bakken: Like A Boss?

The oil-rich Bakken may have been dozing during the downturn, but with a slow recovery in commodity prices, A&D activity could awaken.

At Closing

At Closing: Notes From Near And Far

Majors and international oil companies will continue to play offense after a year of buying up private equity-backed E&Ps.

Bright Spots

Bright Spot: Meet Rick Garza

Rick Garza explains the value of rigorous analysis and significant data to the oil and gas space.

E&P Momentum

E&P Momentum: Bigger, Better, But More Nuanced

As operators super-size wellsite activities, subtle changes in process are generating more hydrocarbons at a lower per unit price.

From the Editor-in-Chief

From The Editor In Chief: Lurking Danger

Perception is reality, and today’s teenagers’ view of oil and gas puts the industry in peril.

On the Money

On The Money: Adrift, Or Darkest Before The Dawn?

Global inventories and a re-emergence of corporate M&A activity could improve the apathetic-to-low investment sentiment.