Midstream Business Magazine

Midstream Business Magazine - January 2016

Uncorking the Bottleneck

Production out of the Marcellus-Utica is among the greatest in the world, but until now it was limited to where it could go.

Midstream Business Magazine - December 2015

Points Of Departure

Despite demand, regulatory and geopolitical obstacles, U.S. energy exporters pursue the promise of foreign markets.

Midstream Business Magazine - November 2015

Supply vs. Demand

Storage has never been more important or as troublesome to the industry. The midstream needs to utilize capacity to weather a down market, but the resulting overhang will lengthen recovery time for prices.

Midstream Business Magazine - October 2015

State Of The Midstream

Larger-than-life tales of Texas triumphs.

Midstream Business Magazine - September 2015

State Of The Midstream

Larger-than-life tales of Texas triumphs.

Midstream Business Magazine - July/August 2015

All Filled Up And Nowhere To Go

The midstream adds storage capacity to handle a cascade of crude as the market awaits a demand

Midstream Business Magazine - June 2015

Perpetual Growth

The commodity price downturn has had a widespread impact on the oil and gas industry, but it is unlikely to stop midstream development.

Midstream Business Magazine - May 2015

The Interview: ‘The Right Thing To Do’

Stan Horton is president and CEO and Jamie Buskill is CFO and chief administrative officer of Boardwalk Pipeline Partners LP.

Midstream Business Magazine - April 2015

Permian 2.0

The legendary basin’s independent spirit updates an old play.

Midstream Business Magazine - March 2015

Opportunity Flares Up In The Bakken

A chilling combination of stringent regulations and collapsing prices hobbles producers, but movers of oil and gas are burning to expand infrastructure.

Midstream Business Magazine - February 2015

Consolidation Ahead: Watch For M&A Opportunities

After a mass of midstream mergers at the end of 2014, the pace is expected to slow then rebound in 2015. Big returns possible for those with long-term strategies.

Midstream Business Magazine - January 2015

Unlocked: New England Gas Market Opening Up

The development of the Marcellus and Utica shales in the Appalachian Basin is opening the New England and New York power generation markets despite multiple challenges.