MSB June

Midstream Business Magazine - June 2019

As Joseph Markman, senior editor at Hart Energy, notes both the output from the big plays and the number of pipelines taking it away are increasing. The next step is what a slew of recent projects are intended to do: get hydrocarbons to demand centers—in both the gas-hungry U.S. Northeast and growing markets overseas. This issue of Midstream Business takes a deep dive into demand and highlights midstream's major players.

Also in this issue:

  • Private capital has been crucial to the sector’s growth and its role continues to expand.
  • How lender sign-up occurs in funding midstream acquisitions is looking more like how it’s done in LBOs.
  • Government rules stipulate obligations and costs for information on differing crude oil streams.
  • Integrated, third-party systems can add tax-figuring capabilities to SAP’s upgrade.

Cover Story

The Midstream 50: Hey, Wall Street! Take A Look!

You might call the year “pretty good.” Now, if only investors would pay attention again.

Editor's Note

Something’s Happening

But what I don’t have to guess at is the impressive number of flatcars laden with big-inch pipe—all headed west.


Don’t Let Taxes Tax You

Integrated, third-party systems can add tax-figuring capabilities to SAP’s upgrade.

Getting The Gas Out

Tests validate a fouling-resistant degasification technology that eliminates dissolved gas species from produced water.

Pipeline Construction Projects: In Constant Demand

Increasing unconventional-play takeaway capacity continues, as moving gas deeper into the U.S. Northeast and both oil and gas to foreign markets via the Gulf Coast are a work in progress.

The Interview: Bob Phillips Of Crestwood

One of the sector’s most-experienced and best-known CEOs shares personal insights on the downturn and managing for the future.