Midstream Business Magazine - March 2019

Midstream Business Magazine - March 2019

As Paul Hart, midstream editor at-large, points out, the energy business has not been a particularly quick technology adopter. Even the legendary perfection of hydraulic fracturing came despite considerable “we’ve never done it that way” in-house pushback. Can we do better? Yes. This issue of Midstream Business focuses on the the technology that is turning the midstream around. 

Also in this issue: 

  • Important trends could buffet the growing U.S. export market;
  • An LNG supply gap of up to 200 million tonnes per year in 2030 is the prize for U.S. liquefaction projects as gas exports take center stage; and 
  • Several companies in the sector play crucial roles as the midstream grows to handle greater sales abroad.

Cover Story

Technology’s Role

Research and development organizations agree on major trends in pipeline technology progress.

Editor's Note

Tech Savvy

I have an elderly relative who may be the least tech-savvy person I know.


5 Ways To Be ‘Agile’

It’s a phrase heard frequently from organizations as they take on complex digital transformation implementations. “Agile software development” is a popular term that gets project teams excited. There’s excitement in the promise of a speedy delivery and return on investment—one that allows flexibility in scope, requirements and discovery.

A New Way To Check Corrosion

A field trial confirms a novel corrosion under insulation monitoring technique.

Augmented Adoption

Multiple trends make midstream’s digital transformation a priority but operators must consider how to make it happen.

DCP Counts On Technology To Get To 2.0

DCP Midstream moves ahead with an ambitious plan to fully integrate new technology that will fundamentally change the way the company does business.

Doing It Right

Proper procedures allow efficient construction—and operations—of rail-to-truck propane terminals.

Interview With Mark Sutton: Technology and More

GPA Midstream has evolved to serve the sector.

Next Gen Technology

Improved techniques can better protect pipelines and other assets.

Permitting Pace Quickens

FERC’s streamlining process is accelerating the construction of terminals to handle burgeoning natural gas flows.

Send In The Drones

Multiple drone services can provide astounding amounts of data to midstream operators. The problem is, what to do with it?

Shale Crescent USA: A New Hub

Support for the Ohio Valley’s booming petrochemical development challenges the midstream.