Midstream Business Magazine - July/August 2017

Cover Story

The Interview: Back On Its Feet

Alan Armstrong is president and CEO of The Williams Cos. Inc.

Editor's Note

The Next Big Thing

Society’s dependence on oil and gas may seem the natural order of things—like sending telegrams—but it could easily change.


Big Data—And More

Applying advances in telecommunications technology can provide all sectors of the energy business with significant benefits.

From Texas To The World

Midstream Texas speakers emphasized the opportunities—and challenges—of exporting the state’s swelling Permian Basin production.

Here’s Your Seat

Enterprise Products Partners LP has enjoyed success by looking at demand as much as at supply.

Rangeland Energy Brings Skill Set To New Frontiers

Rangeland Energy left its Bakken Shale operations behind to focus on the Delaware Basin, Western Canada and the Port of Corpus Christi.

Regulatory Review: Reform

The Trump administration’s reform efforts are great, but when will they take effect?

Tank Pros and Cons

The selection and maintenance of vessel linings can significantly impact operating expenses.

The (Bakken) Times, They Are A Changin’

New pipeline capacity and improved commodity prices combine to help bring the big Williston Basin play (slowly) back to life.

The CFO’s Dilemma

Midstream’s financial management must steer through crosscurrents to assure future growth.

Alerian Index

Tax Rates And MLPs

MLP investors are especially wary of potential taxation changes because most have gone to considerable trouble to get comfortable with all the associated nuances of MLPs, such as distribution recapturing, recording basis, and filing Schedule K-1s. For this investment, handling these complexities is the price of admission.

Finance Matters

Somber Sentiments At MLPA

Back from Florida, analysts reported a generally somber air at the annual Master Limited Partnership Association investor conference in Orlando. MLP management teams maintained a positive outlook, but investors were “decidedly down-beat,” according to one analyst.

NGL Frac Spread

Ready To Rise?

Perhaps that glass should have been half-full of 12-year-old Aberfeldy, a single malt Scotch whisky mentioned by some to be an excellent choice for a Father’s Day gift or other special occasions.

Transaction Update

Export Port Of Import

When big aerial pictures, swell-looking maps and charts with lots of numbers on websites exceed the importance of factors like vessel traffic, maximum draft air draft, number of pilots and availability of tugboats, then Gulf Coast competitors to the Houston Ship Channel might be able to up their game and challenge the champ.