Midstream Business Magazine - May/June 2017

Cover Story

The Midstream 50: Getting Ready

Publicly held midstream operators fared much better in our second annual review of a sector preparing for an active 2017. C corps continued to dominate the little-changed Top 10 of the rankings, while compressor services firms joined the list.

Editor's Note

EDITOR'S NOTE: #Midstream

It’s time for the sector to be social.


Finance: Insight Investing

A research report reveals the true risk of midstream investing by scrutinizing firms’ operations and financials.

Maintenance: Predictive Analytics

There’s a smarter way to maintain physical assets.

Play Update: The Pennsylvania Pinch

Capacity questions linger as a sliver of the Keystone State looks to take on a big role in North America’s natural gas market.

Profile: ‘A Dream Job’

Adam Sieminski looks back at his eventful term heading the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Regulatory Review: Trump’s Executive Order

While a new executive order is a key step by the Trump team, the process for reversing a federal regulation is extremely complex.

Safety Management: Simplifying Shutdowns

Using a single source for safety-related products and services can reduce the complexity and cost of STOs.

The Interview: Banking On Success

Mike Forbau is CEO of Caprock Midstream LLC.

Alerian Index

Alerian Index: Welcome, MLPs!

Capital markets once again are welcoming MLPs.

Finance Matters

FINANCE MATTERS: MLP Stability Outshines Volatility

Momentum helps the MLP sector.

NGL Frac Spread

NGL Frac Spread: Hard To Stomach

OPEC production cut plans serve up a potentially volatile year.

Transaction Update

TRANSACTION LINE: Dropdown Bolsters Cash Buildup

TransCanada gets cash, MLP gets bigger role following dropdown.