Midstream Business Magazine - September/October 2016

Cover Story

The Interview: The Evolution Of EnLink

EnLink Midstream Chairman and CEO Barry Davis emphasizes that success always starts with people.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: California Dreamin'

California could have a winter gas shortage.


Cove Point's Close-Up

The nearly 40-year-old LNG terminal is preparing for a starring role in the global LNG market.

Elections And Midstream Impacts

November’s election will impact the way the midstream industry does business for years to come.

Industry Briefs

The need to retrofit ships has slowed traffic through the expanded Panama Canal.

Midstream Acquisitions

The timing may be good right now, but following the correct process is vital to the successful completion of a deal.

Modular Thinking

Incorporating modular and automation design into plants can help gas processors respond to current midstream challenges.

No Place For Good Ol' Boys

Oil and gas companies are often run by good ol’ boy networks, meaning that some finance leaders aren't on—or anywhere near—the leading edge of technology.

Trading Spaces: Processor Rankings Shift

The sector’s restructuring reorders its top players.

Alerian Index

The M&A Sweet Spot

Having come off of February’s lows, the industry has hit a sweet spot for MLP pricing.

Finance Matters

Extending The Runway

If completed, the combination of Enbridge Inc. and Spectra Energy Corp. will give birth to a “midstream monster.”

News Flow

News Flow

A number of analysts are bullish on the outlook for natural gas prices.

Transaction Update

On Balance, A Good Summer

This summer, Enbridge Inc. transformed both its corporate structure and its strategy involving a major shale play in two huge moves.