Midstream Business Magazine - February 2016

Cover Story

The Interview: A Different Future

Midstream executive J. Mike Stice has added a senior role in academics to his wide-ranging business career.

Editor's Note

Creative Destruction

Is the oil and gas business going through creative destruction or disruptive innovation?


Building Out In Uncertain Times

Ground will still be broken, capital will still be spent in 2016, but upstream woes have persuaded jolted financial markets to be wary of the industry.

California’s Crude-By-Rail Conundrum

Midstream developers should seek old industrial sites and proactively embrace the environmental impact review process when siting a crude-by-rail transloading terminal in California.

Handling Change Management

New business strategies may be necessary in 2016 but they can be misread by regulators. The stakes have never been higher to do it right.

Pipes Across The Border

Price, not politics, may determine if new transborder crude capacity linking Canada and the U.S. goes into service.

Post-Incident Communications

RP 1173 provides a catalyst for improving communications to all parties when something happens.

Regulatory Review: Hindering The Pennsylvania Buildout

A Pennsylvania state task force report could slow midstream development in the Keystone State.

Reinventing Regulatory Compliance

Technology and proper internal and external staffing allow senior management to effectively meet a midstream company’s regulatory workload.

Small-Scale Cogeneration

Waste heat from gas compressors can provide site power and increase engine efficiency.

The Long And Short Of The Bakken Cycle

The Williston Basin may be struggling, but recent developments could provide a lift for the once-hot play.

Alerian Index

Brave New World Of MLP Financing

There may be a new normal for MLP financing.

News Flow

News Flow

News Flow

NGL Frac Spread

The Market Strikes Back

If NGLs were a “Star Wars” movie, this would be the darker sequel.

Transaction Update

Transaction Line: FindingThe Sweet Spot

With access to capital, Tallgrass Energy Partners becomes one to watch.