Midstream Business Magazine - February 2015

Cover Story

Consolidation Ahead: Watch For M&A Opportunities

After a mass of midstream mergers at the end of 2014, the pace is expected to slow then rebound in 2015. Big returns possible for those with long-term strategies.

Editor's Note

Assets And Liabilities

Intangible assets may be hard to measure.

Construction Update

Pipeline Pause

A surplus of planned projects is scaled down for the new year.


Closing Bell

‘See Ya, Pops!’

For Now, Just OK

The global oil price plunge may have reined in Oklahoma’s near-term outlook for the hard-charging SCOOP, but much of the region remains economic as it primes itself for the next surge.

MLPs And The 114th Congress

The executive director of the National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships reviews key issues for MLPs as the new Congress starts work.

Standing Apart From The Crowd

Salient Partners’ MLP chief leads firm through energy industry cycles.

The Interview: Building Utica’s ‘Super System’

Jack Lafield is chairman and CEO of Blue Racer Midstream.

Well-Positioned For Investors

Even among resilient midstream MLPs, Energy Transfer Partners draws attention and attracts followers who admire its upward direction.

Alerian Index

How To Get Some Rest

Strategies for dealing with 2015’s biggest investing concerns.

Finance Matters

Expect The Unexpected

Commodity market volatility may have long-term repercussions for the MLP asset class.

News Flow

2015 deals will favor buyers

With WTI in the $50s, the life is being choked out of acquisition and divestitures (A&D). Budgets are also being slashed and a quarter of North American rigs may be mothballed in 2015.

Analysts: $70 oil can work off excess

At what crude price will U.S. liquids production slow sufficiently to reboot that price?

Federal frack regulation may be less likely now

Results of the midterm elections, which propelled Republicans to control of both the U.S. House and Senate, most likely mean that federal regulation of hydraulic fracking is unlikely in the next two years.

Hofmeister unconcerned about price plunge

John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil Co. and founder and CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy, looked to provide some perspective to attendees during “The New North American Opportunity” panel at Privcap’s recent Energy Game Change conference in Houston.

Industry holds its breath over FLNG’s prospects

A KPMG Global Energy Institute report concludes that floating LNG (FLNG) technology will eventually be viable, but a slow start to compensate for innovation can be expected.

LNG suppliers eye Asian gas demand

Slower than expected gas demand growth in China could put more pressure on LNG suppliers that are already trying to survive high costs amid an industrywide downturn marked by lower crude prices.

New pipelines bring Alberta crude to Gulf Coast

Completion of a pipeline system able to move large volumes of Western Canadian crude oil from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast—the one not named Keystone—merited a January celebration at the Jones Creek terminal near Freeport, Texas, with numerous salutes to international cooperation and competition in free markets.

New Texas regulator ready to take on world

The new Texas Railroad Commissioner shared his goals for Texas’ world domination with pipeline industry executives.

Report: tank car rules could prove costly

Proposed federal railroad tank car safety standards will be costly to implement and also will increase air pollution, according to recently released research by the Brattle Group.

U.S. gas use climbs with shale output

Americans continue to use more natural gas as the nation’s unconventional shale plays provide a larger share of domestic gas needs.

NGL Frac Spread

NGL Margins Face Challenging Start

No price boost yet for NGL, despite cold temperatures.

Transaction Update

Apache’s Farewell, Woodside’s Good Buy

Apache sells LNG assets to Woodside Petroleum to close out year.