Midstream Business Magazine - February 2014

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The Capex Climb Continues

Operators move to a slower but more sustainable pace for the long climb ahead.

Editor's Note

Construction Update

More Rail Laid


At Mother Nature's Mercy

Combating extreme weather conditions gives midstream companies a competitive advantage.

Growing Opportunity

A new, in-depth research report outlines the enormous growth potential for the continent’s burgeoning energy industry.


Still Doing A Good Turn

This midstream executive shares how his early commitment to the Scouts has enriched and influenced his personal and business life.

The Canadian Way

Canada’s pipeline watchdog, the National Energy Board, is working through a time of tremendous growth and change as it oversees the country’s pipeline build-out.

The Midcontinent Galaxy

The Midcontinent is home to plenty of rising stars, and as production rises, so do the opportunities for midstream companies.

Upsetting The Apple Cart

Donald F. Santa serves as president and chief executive of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America.

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Midstream MLP Opportunities

Finance Matters

News Flow

China tries to emulate U.S. success with shale

NGL Frac Spread

Transaction Update

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