Midstream Business Magazine - October 2013

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Catching Up

The Marcellus had a head start, but the Utica appears to be closing the gap with its neighbor.

Editor's Note

Construction Update

DOE Adds LNG Export Capacity


A Good Time To Sell?

Numerous factors point to current acquisition opportunities in the midstream sector.

Access Midstream Stakes Its Claim

A carve-out of Chesapeake Energy becomes a $12-billion nationwide player.

An Engineering Transformation

Process engineering has created modeling innovations in recent years that offer midstream management
important savings in capital, increased efficiency and greater safety and reliability—throughout the life
cycle of an organization’s assets.

DCP Midstream Tops The Charts

The Denver-based firm comes in No. 1 in annual rankings for both NGL producer and processor.
Enterprise Products Partners ranks a close second.

Demonstrating Performance

Westwood Holdings boasts of an attractive 10-year track record in investment management.

Finding A Balance

Midstream operators are struggling to balance natural gas production and demand in the Northeast.

Growing Again

U.S. fertilizer production has rebounded, thanks to abundant, low-priced natural gas.

Phoenix Rising

An outgoing midstream executive who played a crucial role in bringing the financially doomed
SemGroup back to life reflects on his colorful career.

Preventing Leaks

With expansions under way, pipeline companies have much to consider when it comes to leak detection.

Profiting Through Control

Multivariable predictive control can increase gas processors’ return on investment.

The Next Big Thing?

No one is certain what fortunes are waiting to be tapped in the Illinois basin, but optimism is brewing here
about what activity in the New Albany shale could ultimately mean for the midstream.

Tops In Midstream

Wouter van Kempen serves as chairman, president and chief executive of DCP Midstream LP.

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Emerging, Or Emerged?

Finance Matters

Master Limited Partnership

Developments In Qualifying Income

News Flow

Aromatic customers see few shale-boom benefits

Shale fuels growth in rail sector

NGL Frac Spread

Transaction Update