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E&P Magazine - July 2018

Gone are the days where lateral lengths in unconventional wells measured in hundreds of meters (or feet) where considered long. While it is not uncommon to hear of lateral lengths measuring in miles in plays like the Bakken, those lengths are starting to crop up with more frequency in the Permian Basin, Utica and elsewhere.

According Stratas Advisors, the trend to longer laterals and more intensely fractured wells is expected to continue. Lateral lengths are estimated to increase by another 10% in 2018, according to the analysts. Proppant intensity is a good proxy for the level of intensity on the completion, with Stratas estimating proppant intensity also to increase 10% in 2018.

The articles in this month’s cover story feature the technologies, from 3,000-hp rigs to redesigned pressure pumping systems and more, making it possible for operators to get more shale oil and gas in the pipeline by going longer.

As I See It

UN Weighs In On Shale Gas

A special report presented facts, analysis and neutrality on the potential for development of global unconventional resources.

Cover Story

Bustin’ Dust: Integrated System Enables New OSHA Regulation Compliance

An integrated system enables compliance with new OSHA dust regulations.

Collet-activated Sleeve Meets Demand Challenges

A new sliding sleeve fracturing tool addresses limitations of single-point entry systems.

Engineering A New Pumping Approach

Improvements began with building reliability and performance into pressure pumping systems.

Examining The Water Challenge

Emerging technologies tackle issues with longer laterals and increased water demand.

Got Shale?

Longer laterals drive demand higher.

Higher Horsepower Rig Making Waves In The Delaware Basin

An ultrahigh-specification rig with three high-horsepower mud pumps is making long lateral wells a reality in the Permian.

Raising The Bar On Refracture Modeling

An integrated workflow expands the understanding of depletion and lateral coverage for multiwell pads.

World View

Making Barrels In Midland

Operators use science to help further tweak their development plans in the Permian Basin.

Industry Pulse

Safety Is Job One

Program identifies risks in work locations and ensures personnel are trained to safely work in any environment.

Market Intelligence

War Of The Worlds

Chemical producers promote integrated approach that benefits the life of the well.

Exploration Technologies

Old-fashioned Detective Work

Not everything in Mexico’s exploration blocks up for bid will be prospective, but operators are off to a fine start.

Drilling Technologies

Big Lift, Bigger Reward

With the successful installation of the drilling topsides onto its jacket, a history-making NCS project draws closer to first oil.

Completions and Production

Opportunity In The Atlantic

Two new projects emerge as the Canadian government initiates a development plan.

Offshore Advances

Mexico Achieves Unprecedented Development

Transparency and competitive fiscal terms encourage foreign investment.

Special Report

Shale Technology Showcase 2018

In this special section, E&P highlights some of the latest products and technologies for shale and examines how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for improved production and more effective operating techniques.

Digital Solutions

Field Life Extension Through Digitalization

Digital twins help extend the life of producing assets.

Offshore Solutions

An Uncommon Approach To Offshore Interventions

A retrievable inflatable bridge plug was used for thru-tubing intervention in the deepwater GoM.

Operator Solutions

Bridging The Disconnect To Optimize Well Performance

Breaking down traditional barriers between ESP and production chemical teams is providing better production solutions.


Backup Cutter Provides Increased Footage And ROP

A change in cutter layout on a drillbit improved engagement with formation rock.

Chasing Shales In Mexico

Renaissance Oil Corp. got an early foot in the door to develop these potentially giant fields.

Controlling Drillbit Efficiencies At The Rock Face

The geometry of a PDC cutter customized to rock type delivered an improved ROP.

Customized Cutters Key To Bit Performance Advances

Two new variations of raised profile cutters deliver impressive results in the Delaware Basin and Stack resource plays.

Downhole Data Accessibility

Integrated technologies allow operators to make informed decisions on well integrity.

FPSO Experts Achieve Progress Through Cooperation

Collaboration leads to advances in FPSO technology.

FPSO Sector Gains Strength

Newbuild orders, contracts and redeployments reflect improved market conditions.

Getting Data To Market

Effective production optimization starts with good data.

Improving Production Through Enhanced Flowback Programs

A successful application of engineered flowback services in unconventional wells reduces completion damage and improves performance.

Improving Zonal Isolations When Refracturing

Advancements in expandable liners provide more options.

Industry And Academia Collaborate On Vaca Muerta Project

An RCP/Wintershall venture examines usefulness of multicomponent data.

Understanding Fracture Networks

An Eagle Ford operator reduces completion costs by increasing stage length.

Unconventional Report

Great White North Among Top Oil Producers

Despite transportation issues, Canada remains a top global producer.

Tech Watch

Analytics In The Digital Oil Field

Production intelligence can help optimize oil and gas equipment performance and predict failures.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technologies for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest activity highlights from around the world.

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and other company news.

Last Word

The Big Data Conundrum

Are we getting ahead of ourselves before we have the right data?

MEA Innovations

Photos: 2018 MEA Winners Awarded At OTC

The E&P editors and staff proudly presented the winners of the 2018 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation at the Offshore Technology Conference in May.