E&P Magazine - January 2018

This month E&P takes a look at the technologies making a significant impact in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas. We also review how one pressure pumping company through its selection and procurement of its equipment from a single source rather than piecemeal has delivered significant reliability and uptime results for its customers.

Other articles examine new chemical diverters making inroads in the Delaware Basin as well as a look at where one company sees the proppant markets in the year ahead.

Advances in hydraulic fracturing will continue to generate greater efficiencies, increased production and improved market clarity for operators for years to come.

As I See It

Changing Petroleum Perceptions

Changing the public’s misguided petroleum perception starts by changing realities.

Cover Story

Blowing The Permian Curve

Optimized completion design outperforms type curve in the Delaware Basin and delivers improvement in operational efficiency.

DUG Eagle Ford: Hydraulic Fracturing Panel Discusses New Technologies, Techniques

At Hart Energy’s recent DUG Eagle Ford conference, a technology panel focused on fracturing and some of the new techniques being used to continue to improve the technology.

Innovation Reflections: New Fracturing Technologies Bring Clarity To Market

New technologies bring clarity to the market.

Microproppants Unlock Potential Of Secondary Fractures

Microproppants may hold the key to increased production, longer effective fracture lengths and higher EURs.

NOV Builds Single-sourced Hydraulic Fracturing Fleet For Legend Energy Services

Companies partner to build three hydraulic fracturing fleets for use in varying environmental and geological conditions.

Proppant Demand Forecast For Bakken, Permian

The industry continues its search for the proppant intensity ‘sweet spot.’

World View

US Works To Deliver On Crude Oil, Gas Exports

Continental Resources’ Harold Hamm discusses exports and their challenge to the midstream and producers.

What Could 2018 Hold For Offshore Oil, Gas Exploration?

With companies still in budget-cutting mode, new emerging exploration hot spots will be rare in 2018. However, some active exploration spots from 2017 will continue to be a focus this year.

Industry Pulse

Innovation From First Principles

Attitudes toward innovation and technology have hampered the industry’s development and competitiveness.

Market Intelligence

Oil, Gas Market Intelligence: New Launch For Eagle Ford Shale Play

A new round of private-equity-backed E&P companies are using completion optimization to improve yield in the Eagle Ford and extend the play’s boundaries and economic potential.

Exploration Technologies

Keeping Things Afloat

The offshore industry continues to shine, but without marine seismic, how long can that last?

Drilling Technologies

Longer Laterals The Best Option?

The trend of drilling long may be forcing production to pull up short.

Completions and Production

Helping Change The Conversation About Energy

New exhibit helps facilitate oil and gas social perception.

Offshore Advances

Deepwater Development Still Viable In The GoM

Innovation and determination open a path to production.

Digital Solutions

ERP Usability Connects People And Processes

Survey respondents indicated the usability of a company’s ERP system is critical to success of its digital transformation.

Offshore Solutions

Increased Collaboration Encouraged To Advance Emerging Technologies

RAS shows promise in deepwater operations.

Meeting Wellbore Complexity With Real-time Fluid Analysis Advances

Sampling-while-drilling service saves time and reduces risk in challenging wells.

Operator Solutions

AI Database Saves Logging Time

AI has become a powerful tool to derive well logs from drilling data. But what is the accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional logging tools?


A Deeper Interpretation Of Frontier Geology

Color processing of omnidirectionally sampled seismic data expands the window for exploration development.

Digital Oil Meets Digital Water

A cloud-based system optimizes data collected in water treatment operations.

Engineered Friction Reducers Enhance Proppant Transport

A synthetic polymer friction reducer enables proppant loading and productivity in the wellbore.

High-temperature Directional Tools Successful In Eagle Ford

The application of a comprehensive directional drilling and MWD program sets new single-run RSS drilling record.

High-temperature Drilling Pushes The Limits

An integrated approach drills record ERD well in the Middle East.

Interpreting Data From The Depths Of The Seas

The use of AI to monitor subsea operations is growing.

Leveraging Data For Water Management Optimization

Tool provides evaluation of produced water economics.

Powering Ahead For The Subsea Factory

A JIP is developing technologies to efficiently power up subsea system operations.

Reinventing The Sliding Sleeve

New electronic monobore sliding sleeve offers a step change for unconventional completions.

Unconventional Report

Scoop, Stack Continue Slow Climb

Production increases expected as new wells come online.

Tech Watch

Online Platform Provides Destination For Oil, Gas Companies To Connect

Vendor sourcing in the energy industry is now powered by online social networking.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technology releases, new services and more.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Check out the latest exploration, drilling and production highlights from around the world.

On The Move

On the Move

Check out the latest new hires, promotions and company news.

Last Word

AI For Short-term And Long-term Savings

AI is an important tool that should be in every operator’s arsenal.