Shale technology

E&P Magazine - July 2017

E&P highlights some of the latest products and technologies for shale and looks at how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for new reserves, improved production and more effective operating techniques.

As I See It

Getting It From All Sides

OPEC tries to retain its market clout amid stiff competition.

Cover Story

A New Era For Refracturing

Effective diverter technologies and high-frequency surveillance deliver successful campaign in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Crossing The Finish Line

Advances in completion tools help shift wells to money-maker status.

Engineered Completions: Good Science Equals Good Business

Engineered completions are improving productivity based strictly on drilling data, according to C&J Energy Services.

Extending Completions Capabilities

Hybrid completions fill technology gap for the stimulation of extended-reach laterals.

Fracturing The Paleogene

New service delivers savings of $40 million and 25 rig days in first-ever 15-stage deepwater completion.

Micro Insights Into Permian Basin Wellbore Spacing

Microseismic-based reservoir simulation helps determine wellbore spacing for a large independent operator.

New Proppant Technologies Deliver Cost Savings In The GoM

A combination of high-density proppant and scale inhibitor sees success in Lower Tertiary wells.

Industry Pulse

Securing Tomorrow’s Talent: This Time It’s Different

The search for a sustainable future will be aided by candid discussion among industry leaders on the challenges that remain.

Exploration Technologies

How Low Can You Go?

Low-frequency source could be the fi nal piece in the subsalt imaging puzzle.

Drilling Technologies

Happy Engineer, Happy Life

User groups are not just for Silicon Valley.

Completions and Production

The End Of The Line

Emerging technologies could offer savings for P&A.

Special Report

Shale Technology Showcase

In this special section E&P highlights some of the latest products and technologies for shale and looks at how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for new reserves, improved production and more effective operating techniques.

Shale Technology Showcase: A Wave Of New Water Management Tools, Services

More affordable and effective solutions are being developed for water management processes.

Shale Technology Showcase: Drilling Tools For Tough Demands

Drilling technologies evolve to meet the increasing demands of shale drilling.

Shale Technology Showcase: Oil’s ‘Age Of Innovation’

Completions technologies are helping drive down breakevens.

Shale Technology Showcase: Reservoir Characterization Helps Unlock Shale Reserves

Commonly used exploration, appraisal and development technologies are being tweaked to improve completions efficiency and production results.

Shale Technology Showcase: Shale Leads Oil’s Resurgence

New technologies fuel extraordinary production growth.

Digital Solutions

Will Digital Help Us Do Less Or Be More?

A more focused approach will help the industry manage commodity price volatility.

Offshore Solutions

CSP Design Tackles New Depths

Minimum-facility CSP combines the advantages of a platform with the rig-run benefit of a subsea development to achieve lower capital and installation/intervention costs.

Operator Solutions

Advancing Digital Field Operations

Technology bridges the gap between oil and gas computing and office/cloud computing.


Charting A Bigger Reservoir Picture

Real-time fluid mapping-while-drilling service enhances well placement and production potential.

Digital Rock Characterization For Petrophysical Applications

New measurements quickly provide high-resolution visualization and assessment.

Extreme Environment LWD System Saves Millions In Rig Time

Operator completes HP/HT offshore drilling campaign using new LWD technology.

Instantly ‘See’ Drilling Kicks With MWD/LWD Data

New approach offers low-cost bottomhole early kick detection.

Modern Improvements On A Classic Compressor

Product upgrades and enhancements help keep integral system up to date.

Plug Technology Advancements For Improved Well Integrity

New P&A tools offer solutions beyond conventional methods.

Real-time Insight For Stimulation Treatment

MRMZ production logging and testing provides a low-risk, low-cost method for acquiring valuable data.

Unconventional Report

Light On The Haynesville Horizon?

The play is poised for a comeback. Much of the progress in the Haynesville since 2014 has been driven by private-equity-backed operators.

Tech Watch

Drones: Big Is Beautiful Now

Larger drones are becoming the target of significant investment.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

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International Highlights

International Highlights

On The Move

On The Move

Check out the lastest new hires, promotions and company news.

Last Word

Well Integrity Reaches The Tipping Point

The industry requires a change in its mindset and a reevaluation of the methodologies, protocols and philosophies that surround well integrity management.

MEA Innovations

MEA Photos

The E&P editors and staff proudly presented the winners of the 2017 Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation at the Offshore Technology Conference in May.