September 2016

E&P Magazine - September 2016

In looking to maximize value from existing assets, Marathon and Chevron found a complete systems approach important to attaining their production optimization goals.

As I See It

2020 Vision Of Crunch Time

Decimated spending has left the industry facing a future in which there will not be enough new projects to replace declining production.

Cover Story

A Systems Approach To Production Optimization

In looking to maximize value from existing assets, Marathon and Chevron found a complete systems approach important to attaining their production optimization goals.

Enhancing Production Efficiency Through Model-based Predictive Analytics

New approach combines real-time production monitoring with model-based predictive analytics to increase production efficiencies.

Raising The Bar

Operators are maximizing production through innovative optimization choices.

Reservoir ‘Shield’ Counters Absolute Solubility Contention

New technology offers a more cost-effective alternative to CaCO3.

The Culture Of Continuous Production Optimization

Continuous production optimization requires the creation and adoption of a new culture within an organization to be successful.

World View

E&P 2.0—Transforming And Shaping The Future

SPE ATCE chairman says ‘great challenges provide great opportunities.’

Industry Pulse

Challenging Times Offer Opportunity To Invest In Future Leaders

Companies should cultivate leaders with the skills and mindset to remain strong in any business climate.

Market Intelligence

Share And Share Alike

Market concentration in well stimulation is crucial but hard to get.

Exploration Technologies

Enlarging The Technology Playground With Nonseismic Techniques

EMGS has been providing 3-D seabed-based receiver CSEM surveys to PEMEX for years, but under Mexico’s new energy reform, it’s widening its net.

Drilling Technologies

Worldwide Recovery In Land Drilling Rig Market Expected By 2020

Market conditions are forecast to improve after 2016, with drilling activity rising following a recovery in commodity prices.

Completions and Production

Let's Talk

Through collaboration the divide between drilling and production teams is narrowing.

Special Report

SPECIAL REPORT: New Technologies Help Shape New Era Of Operations

SPE ATCE will showcase innovative products and services for overcoming industry challenges.

Digital Solutions

Standards Version 2.0: The Next Generation

New releases continue to streamline data exchange.

Offshore Solutions

Dropped Objects Lead To Industry Safety Review

The DROPS best practices guidebook inspires safety hazard management initiatives, including the first reusable fastener recommended for secondary retention.

Operator Solutions

Optimized SWD Site Increases Revenue, Decreases Operating Costs

A new SWD facility design creates a safer, more efficient flowback fluid disposal process.


A Revolution In Hydraulic Fracturing

Self-suspending sand promises to increase production significantly.

CFD Optimizes Platform Orientation

Computer models that weigh competing factors can lead to improved HSE.

Ensuring Well Success

New resin-coated sand meets Permian challenges.

Integrated Systems Approach In ERD Well Projects

A combination of tools opens up new horizons for challenging drilling environments.

Multifunctional Proppant Delivers ‘Plug-And-Play’ Solutions

Advances in engineering have helped to expand the role of proppants from merely propping the fracture open to performing myriad actions downhole.

Multilateral Reliability Greater Than Thought

A new study indicates that MLT reliability has improved at the same time that it has become more complex.

Taking On Turret-mooring Challenges

Results of a study provide an increased understanding of the response of turret-moored FPSO units in squall conditions.

Technology Innovations Address Mooring Challenge

Mooring providers are being challenged like never before to find efficient and innovative solutions for offshore operators.

Unconventional Resources Driving Seismic Development

New equipment developments are resulting from the increasing need for broadband seismic in shale plays.

Unconventional Report

STACKing Up Impressive Results

The STACK continues to attract new investments and provides ample EURs with low breakevens.

Regional Report

Egypt Shines In Mediterranean Sun

Egypt’s offshore sector is leading the way in attracting large investments and pioneering the use of high-end subsea production systems despite the depressed industry environment.

Tech Watch

From Science Fiction To Science Fact

Virtual and augmented realities are working their magic in E&P.

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Tech Trends

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On the Move

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Last Word

Interest In The Arctic Continues

The development of the Arctic’s offshore energy potential is a priority for both the industry and the Alaskan public.