Jule 2016

E&P Magazine - July 2016

Downhole measurement nodes enable snapshot of conditions along entire wellbore and drillstring.

As I See It

Finding Your Voice

Everybody appreciates it when industry leaders speak up in down times.

Cover Story

Acoustic Telemetry System Helps Reduce Costs For Complex Wells

Downhole measurement nodes enable snapshot of conditions along entire wellbore and drillstring.

Centralizers Benefit From Optimization

Modern technology makes centralizers a surprisingly simple secret to enhancing offshore well integrity.

DUCs Poised To Take Flight

A lot more work is needed before the second wave of unconventionals takes off across North America.

World View

Onshore, Offshore Exploration Success Puts Egypt In Spotlight

Hopes are momentum generated will keep the country on companies’ radars despite today’s market conditions.

Industry Pulse

From Distressed Operator To Sustainable Competitor

Financial and operational considerations help companies move from prey to predator.

Market Intelligence

Eagle Ford Shale Musings: Are Sunnier Days Ahead?

There are signs the bottom is at hand, which is the first step in recovery.

Exploration Technologies

Transforming Exploration

The use of advanced software products is paying dividends for BHP Billiton explorationists.

Drilling Technologies

Skepticism Rules: Rig Count Doesn’t Respond To $50 oil

The Permian Basin could recover quickly if the price of oil remains around $50.

Completions and Production

Tech Transfer Highway Goes Both Ways

Italian renewable energy company repurposes oil and gas technology to harness the power of steam.

Offshore Advances

Norway Eyes Unmanned Platform Future

Statoil’s decision to go with an unmanned wellhead platform on Oseberg Vestfl anken 2 could open the fl oodgates for similar developments.

Digital Solutions

Managing Emissions In The Carbon World

Advanced engineering modeling tools can help the industry meet regulatory challenges.

Shale Solutions

Plugs Save Time, Money

Disintegrating frack plugs can eliminate post-frack intervention and boost IP rates.

Offshore Solutions

Offshore Rig Design Reduces High Installation Costs

The modular rig facility is bringing down deployment costs and increasing startup speeds in the GoM.


Accessing Subsurface Information At The Wellsite Or Laboratory

Raman spectroscopy offers information to be acquired on individual samples using a single instrument with nondestructive testing protocols.

Automated System Expands Limits For Safe, Reliable Drilling

MPT tool requires less manual intervention.

Energized Fracturing Solutions

Safe, reservoir-friendly and water-saving well stimulation is made possible with N2 and CO2.

In A Tight Spot

Digital rock combined with traditional core analyses shed light on hydrocarbon producibility in tight sandstone reservoirs.

Meeting Environmental Regulations Through Flare Gas Measurement

Thermal flowmeters offer site and plant operators a reliable alternative to measuring flare gas flow.

Optimized Completion Workflow Validated In The Wolfcamp

New integrated workflow couples geoscience data with a constrained asymmetric frack model to clear up confusion in current frack design and treatment practices.

Preparing For The Next Generation Of Semisubmersible Units

A standardized classification approach is helping to improve industry efficiency and better retain knowledge on semisubmersible designs.

Sand Erosion Management In The Caribbean

Real-time monitoring of sand erosion on an unmanned platform’s equipment in the Caribbean Sea is maximizing gas production.

The Missing Piece Of Information

New fast neutron cross-section measurement for gas volume quantification enables full cased-hole formation evaluation.

Unconventional Report

The Permian Basin: Update On Economic Reality

The Permian’s core counties produce a median breakeven below $40/bbl for the top 25% of wells drilled.

Tech Watch

Seismic Amplitudes Benefit From Seismic Trace Detuning

Methodology generates corrected amplitudes for interpretation and de-risks amplitude anomaly analysis and direct hydrocarbon detection from seismic data.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Check out the latest technology trends.

Activity Highlights

International Highlights

Review some of the latest activity highlights around the world.

On The Move

On The Move

On the Move: new hires, promotions, resignations and new company locations.

Last Word

Consult With A Safety Professional Before Cutting Training Costs

Sacrificing the quality of safety will ultimately cost companies more in the long term.

MEA Innovations

Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation

Photos of Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation winners