The technology was introduced to European-Caspian land drilling in early 2013 and has successfully drilled more than 43 well sections.

E&P Magazine - March 2016

The technology was introduced to European-Caspian land drilling in early 2013 and has successfully drilled more than 43 well sections.

As I See It

Walking The Walk

Talking the talk and walking the walk are very different things. But there’s evidence the E&P industry’s talk a year ago of collaboration and cutting costs was more than just hot air.

Cover Story

Advanced Drillable Casing Bit Reaches TD In Record Time

The technology was introduced to European-Caspian land drilling in early 2013 and has successfully drilled more than 43 well sections.

Compact Solids Control System Provides Effective Fluids Management

Better control of solids reduces the need for chemical additions to the drilling fluids and minimizes the rates of dilution typically used.

Driving Productivity Using Technology, Data, Collaboration

GE is working on an industrial Internet for all of its businesses. To be truly an industrial company in the future, a company has to go digital.

Emulsion Technology Reduces O/W Ratio To 40/60

Lower costs result by reducing usage of diesel/synthetic oil and chemical surfactants and lessening the HSE impact associated with emulsion-based mud fluids.

Montney Drilling Benefits From Targeted Bit Design, Cutter Development

Cutters comprised of a new diamond material composition were 30% more thermally stable with 20% higher abrasion resistance.

MPD, Continuous Circulation Systems Increase Safety Levels, Performance

The next generation of fully automated drilling rigs will be designed with continuous circulation as an integral part of the mud system.

Technology Keeps Drilling Industry Alive For Next Upturn

The oil and gas industry continues to design new ways of doing business to survive the current price downturn and prepare for the next upswing.

Exploration Technologies

Planning For Shale 2.0

New tool helps find the sweet spots.

Drilling Technologies

Windfall Profits Tax Has New Name: Transportation System Tax

This time around the Obama Administration’s proposed tax is more like a windfall losses tax that will do nothing to support U.S. energy independence.

Completions and Production

Finding The Positive

The price war helped make for a more competitive and efficient shale operation.

Offshore Advances

Subsea Must Shape Up For $30 Oil

With the subsea industry facing arguably its toughest year ever, companies have been told to get fi t for $30 oil.

Digital Solutions

Operationalizing Big Data

Designing, planning and executing competitive well development programs will help operators survive the downturn.


Adding Efficiency To Greenhouse Gas Reporting

An automated approach to meeting the GHG Subpart W emissions compliance requirements will help operators reduce labor costs associated with reporting and increase efficiency.

Better Approach To Managing Operating Expenses

A robust method for integrating cost management can lead to a more efficient and economic operating environment.

Controlling Emissions In The Production Process

Many options are available to help meet the regulatory demands of managing emissions at the well pad.

Directional Drilling, Fiber-optic Sensors Expand Range Of CT Operations

More complex operations such as multilateral branches, extension and larger hole sizes are being drilled with DCTD BHAs.

Drilling Down

Land drillers are enduring collapsing utilization and deflating rig rates.

Evolving Effective Offshore Regulatory Future

Oil and gas industry regulatory regimes are evolving, allowing both active and planned offshore operations to progress efficiently while ensuring that due attention is given to HSE performance.

Extending Well Life Where Completions Have Barrier Issues

The anchored production straddle assembly can be set across the side-pocket mandrel with a new gas-lift valve between the two sealing elements.

Heerema’s Sleipnir Sets The Pace

During what many believe is now the offshore industry’s toughest ever downturn, vessel pioneer Heerema Marine Contractors has nailed its colors to the mast by building what will be the world’s largest crane vessel.

How Can The Oil And Gas Industry Perform Better?

Imagine working on a 12-month project that starts with four months of solid planning.

Integrated Study Pays Dividends In Wattenberg

A joint project between Anadarko and CSM is revealing new information through time-lapse studies.

Keeping Dust Down On Proppant Use

In advancing dust control technologies for use during fracturing operations, worker safety is improved, and the impact on air quality is reduced.

Low Oil Price Challenges Total's Deep Offshore Philosophy

With Total operating more than 10% of the world’s deepwater production, the French major’s deep offshore philosophy is being firmly stress-tested by the low oil price environment.

Marlim—Brazil’s Original Deepwater Pioneer

More recent entrants into the upstream oil and gas industry might be forgiven for thinking that before Brazil’s presalt bonanza began with the Tupi discovery in 2006, not much of global note had really occurred offshore Brazil.

Natural Gas Discoveries, Developments Keep Australasia Active

Even though oil prices remain in the low US $30 range, Australasian countries continue the push for natural gas resources.

Protecting Against Internal Corrosion

The wide range of GRE liner applications offers operators options to protect tubulars.

Redefined Closed-loop Reservoir Monitoring Framework

Methodology provides a field-scale dynamic integrated Earth model.

Short-term Deepwater Pain Before Long-term Gain

Deepwater production is vital in the long term for the upstream industry, being forecast to flow 11 MMbbl/d by 2040—but for now, the industry’s busy conveyor belt of projects has come to a grinding halt.

The View From The Other Side

Well-known geophysicist Michael Bahorich retired from Apache Corp. eight months ago. The break has given him some time to ruminate about the industry.

‘Thousand Club’ Study Spotlights Prolific Shale Plays

Study shows unconventional North American shales with the most potential. The results are not surprising.

Tech Watch

The Low-pressure Source

New source provides an environmentally friendly broadband airgun replacement.

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Tech Trends

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